About This Blog and The Apprentice Writer


Underground, antisocial, no mainstream, indie, melomaniac, cat lover…ok, a real lesbian, dyke style, fashion office style too, suffering from a past love, discouraged about finding the perfect woman of her life…that’s why she has a bitchy cat…but she can’t live without her! Adores photography but nobody takes pictures of her, likes art and beauty despite the fact she considers herself ugly, has no money reason why she works like an immigrant to pay her invoices…probably a reason why she dreams  about being a Financial Officer at the Government, doesn’t swim but surfs online, hates French grammar but enjoys French fries.

In her past life she was an official man at the French Revolution, belonged to the aristocracy, was married with a blond, blues-eyed, milky skin woman, had a kid, fought trying to save Marie Antoinette and died for that. As a punishment, she was reborn in the third world, as a woman, in a dysfunctional middle-class family, geography helped to make things even more miserable and complicated in order to make her pay for all her crimes against democracy and free expression. Her karma sucks.

Now, she is not a prisoner but she’s not totally free, she’s trying to discover herself and to understand why her cat is bulimic.


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