2 Shovelings and Zero Thanks

Well, I thought the Snowapocalysis ended after the big storm that hit US a couple of weeks ago. Here in Ottawa we had, I hope, our last Winter storm…more than 20cm. I truly believe predicting the weather is worst than predict the temper of any woman (especially one with menopause). But for an unknown reason I believed this time the storm would start just in the afternoon.

Around 9 am snow started falling, first in an unoffensive way and then more and more every hour and finally the snow was so dense than in the windows it seemed it was covered by a white tissue. I got nervous because I know the contractor who cleans the snow in my building is a jerk, never comes or just comes when the landlord calls him. Last time, in the big storm he just appeared the next day around 6 am and cleaned just the alleys and nothing else.

When I went to pick up my car at my office, there was a little wall of snow, I had  little troubles to get out my car but I made…I was nervous…”did the guy cleaned the parking at home?” and I started to drive. It was the most dangerous drive ever!!! I couldn’t see anything because the snow falling, the white tissue was in front of me…, the city didn’t clean the roads at that time, happily I just live 5 min by car that took me like 10. I drove carefully when I arrive to my building my nightmares came true…no way: like 15 cm of snow. I remembered last time I got stuck in snow, the guy who helped me told me…”if you want to go inside don’t turn, you must entered straight”, so I invaded the other line of the street and went inside straight….I made it!!!  but I almost got stuck in the middle of the alley. Then I saw my spot totally covered…so I decided to park in front of that spot…there I almost got stuck again…I was very lucky.

I had surgery in January, I’m not supposed to do heavy lifting or hard physical things but I had no choice to clean my spot. I had a break and around 5pm. I saw on my window a car got stuck in the entrance of the alley, I went back again to the parking to clean again the spot since snow was getting worse and falling non stop. One girl came and try to pass in front of me….she made 1mt distance when she got stuck. I decided to help her ( I can be so nice or so stupid), so, with my little pale, I started shoveling, pushing the car back and forward…and it didn’t move at all. I was talking to her (she never introduced her self and I didn’t want to ask either) when she said “I thought by this time the place would be clean, I even bought pizza for dinner”, we tried again to push the car (that’s why automatic cars suck, they aren’t that good as sticks) and then I saw another car which wanted to go our way, she saw us and made a turn, then she was almost in front of us when she got stuck. I decided to ask her for help “we can help you if you can help us”, she agreed and we pushed back and forward…guess what…it didn’t work out!. We try to do the same with her car, I was shoveling to give a little space of freedom to the tires…it didn’t move at all. I sent a message to the landlord saying 2 cars were stuck. Both almost in front of each other, one almost in front of mine. When I saw that I thought…”tomorrow morning will be a hell to take out the car”. One of the girls called the landlord and I even offered my phone but she refused, made the call and after hanging she said “he said I should ask my mother to help me”. They put papers on the windows with their phones and left…without telling me anything…no thanks, no asking my name, no nothing. People at my building are working class, but it think it means no class, almost all of them work at hospitals or in constructions sites, rarely they say hi. I didn’t ask their names because I wanted to test them and to see their reaction. I was very disappointed but also I questioned myself …again…about to be generous, helpful and just “good”. I was good with my ex and I got messed up, I lots everything. When I tried to help the girl she got stuck in front of my car…I had to do double work….being good is sometimes synonymous to be a total idiot.

I woke up around 3.30am…I went to the parking…the snowbank was higher than ever…I shoveled again…the car almost got stuck, this time the snow guy did the job half right, snowbanks were everywhere, I manage to pull out the car and then I parked in my clean spot (where there was another snowbank) so, finally, around 4.30am I “cleaned” my parking problem. I called the landlord around noon telling him the snow guy came at 6am without cleaning inside the parking and I asked him to call him because the snowbanks were awful. He apologized and said “thanks for letting me know, next year I’ll change contractor”. I hope, I really hope this will be the last storm of the season.

I left early the office because I got an appointment with the surgeon who performed my surgery, that doctor with no social skills….my appointment was at 3pm, I was there 2.50pm…I waited, and waited, I saw a young lesbian playing with her iPhone, the army of pregnant women waiting with me watching “The Notebook”, movie they played all last year and which it mean they will play this year, and I waited more…and more…and more…until 4pm when I stood up and I say ” can I have another appointment?” and the assistant said “don’t you want to wait?” “Wait? it’s been 1 hour” She replied “but there is 2 more patients” “And I will leave at 5pm”…I said…she said “we finished at 4.30pm” I said “this is ridiculous, I want another appointment” . When she gave my new appointment I said ” at 11am which means 11.30am” I took the card and I left…without saying THANKS.


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