Post Single St Valentine’s Day

Almost one week since the grief group met last Saturday….I’m start thinking I’m not grieving…probably because I got over things in my past…I could be wrong but I’ll go tomorrow just in case, also, despite it can be hard and depressing, after all, it’s another activity.

Many things happened this week. The Pope quit. I was reading the newspaper of my country, hypocritical Catholic, and for them it was almost a scandal. Usually one of the ideas of Catholicism is you work there until you die, you work for everybody, you’re not the first in the line, not in your life, the other are first. That’s why I was a scandal. I learnt since little you should give everything for your family and friends, they first. Since the Pope is German, and Europeans are different from Latinos and he chose first for himself…it’s ok. I knew he was very Orthodox but I never imagined he would give his resign in Latin, I was expecting Italian. Nobody told him Latin is an official dead language? This is a proof he tried to keep and maintain the Catholic “old school”, his restrictions against women to be priest and of course…homosexuality considered as more than abomination. I don’t forget all the pederasty cases recently discovered inside the Church (and he tried to keep quiet as much as he could). The world has changed, times has changed…but Catholic dogma doesn’t and refuse to do it…however, Benedict used Twitter. So Twitter is allow but not condoms, Am I right?, silence and blindness for the horrible abuses of Church was a social standard, it was hidden but homosexuality must be condemned or punished. He did right to quit…and it was funny because the same is happening right now I saw in the comedy film “We have a Pope” (Habemus Papam) by Nani Moretti….all the cardinals are praying for not to be chosen and the new Pope elected goes to therapy. I’m a strong believer of Evolution, but with Benedict was a total Involution, regression and go back in almost Medieval times. I’m glad he stepped back. Now, the 10 millions questions is….the new Pope, will he be progressive? more open? ready to do some changing? It’s not important what nationality he will be…the changes are. Open a Facebook account for the Vatican is not that important…is the opening and admitting changes are mandatory, respect is needed, tolerance and acceptance for everybody…specially for gay people who were considered evil and satanist just for loving …They event strip off the gays the right to love and be loved…something so essential like oxygen, like blood in your veins, like food in your table like money in your wallet. Anyways…let’s see what happens.

Oscar Pistorius, Blade Runner was accused to murder his girlfriend…the paradox here is what she wrote in her Twitter account just before Valentine’s day was “What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow???” she tweeted. “… It should be a day of love for everyone 🙂 may it be blessed!”…She was expecting 4 shots. I don’t know Pistorius, his personality or his habits, but conjugal violence (he was accused of that last year) background won’t help him. OMG, how many crimes people can commit in the name of love. Now that he’s detained…his name should be “Bladder Runner”…he must be literally sick to dead for his future.

My week was kind of weird because all those events. I went to see Dr Marko for the filling in my root canals…she emptied the teeth and put new filling. Wouldn’t be reasonable the other dentist do it just once? and not repeating and expending another 500$ for that? Can anybody explain me the logic of dental procedures in this country? In Peru, the guy did everything once, one filling and a pin. Marko didn’t put a pin. I said “what if it breaks?” she said ” it won’t break”….sure, if it breaks guess who’s gonna pay it. GRRRRRRRR.

At the office we got appreciograms. You buy .50c of candies and it was delivered to people you chose to get one. I spent 6$, and do you believe I receive one from somebody? No, nobody sent me one. Even in my team, the leaders sent chocolates and candies to every member but me. I was feeling like a kid of 5 years old saying in my head “nobody loves me”. At lest, people who received the candies said thanks to me, all but 4 people.

I tried to keep myself busy at home. Nothing special for me, just French fries with fish. My cat had fish too and we almost had an orgy of love…after all she has 6 tits. Well, I love her, so I just spent a lot of time with her kissing her..and then I thought this: Valentinus was  arrested for continuing to serve Jesus and was sent to the prefect of Rome, to the emperor Claudius, he took a liking to him until Valentinus tried to lead Claudius to Jesus, whereupon Claudius refused and condemned Valentinus to death, commanding that he either renounce his faith or he would be beaten with clubs, and beheaded. Valentinus refused and Claudius’ command was executed outside the Flaminian Gate February 14, 269. What a happy Valentine’s day!


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