The Lesbian and The Pseudo Fashion Cat

Despite all the money I’m investing in health, dental care and physiotherapy, I’m still got some dollars for banalities and probably some frivolities.

I’m still going to the second hand store, this Goodwill one has changed and in my humble opinion, its strategy to get more profit based in order could work…or it couldn’t if you’re not the lucky one. They changed the special sales days. Before it was Friday (or some Fridays) when everything was half price. Now, they divided the week for different categories.  Tuesdays is 50% books, dvd’s and cd’s. Wednesday is 50% cookware and kitchenware, Thursday is 50% shoes and purses. Friday is 50% electrical and sporting goods. Saturday 50% on furniture. I went on Wednesday not remembering the new sales policy and I found something, something really nice. Well, I love bags, despite I don’t travel almost never (ok, never, last time I went on real vacations to Niagara Falls…was in 2008).

I looked at the big or medium size brown with pink lines on it. There were several holes…I thought it was a big bag for bowling balls…but no. Then I realized so many holes is because…it needs aeration…for a pet. Yes, it was  a pet bag…but not an ordinary bag, it was Matt & Nat. This trade mark is made in Montreal. Years and years ago, when I was living in Montreal, I used to look its products at the bag stores in St-Hubert street (most Latinos and Arab business are there). I always thought it was leather, it looked like it, so fancy, so beautiful, so classy and of obviously, so expensive. I never bought one for myself, I’m such an idiot because I bought one to my ex-bitch. Just last year I discovered Matt & Nat is a vegan company, their products are made of recycled plastic, fiber or paper (probably a logical explanation of its high price), you know, you don’t find so many Matt & Nat’s on the street, not in Ottawa.

That Wednesday I just went to the second hand store because I wanted to check some cd’s (despite the sale day was the day before) and when I took a look at the miserable bag section, behind a curtain (then I thought somebody hide it) I found that brown and pink-lined bag…yes…in a second hand store…a real Matt & Nat pet bag. I had my doubts for buying it…”does my cat need it?” I thought…I’ve already bought a pet voyager cage, big and comfortable…but come on, a Matt & Nat bag…she wouldn’t complain. With some doubts I went to front desk for paying. The cashier in the morning is a man in his 50’s with a psycho-motor problem, looks like brain damage did something with his body and muscles, he can talk, I mean, I can understand, sometimes I don’t, walks with difficulties and after his shift he uses his electric wheelchair. He is super nice and he’s always in good spirits, he’s social, we talk sometimes, he makes jokes and me too. Cool person. He started to look for the price, me too, “probably is inside” he said and yes, the price was there…40$ “Oh, that’s expensive” I said, yes, for a second hand bag and then I said “tomorrow is the special half price, I’ll be back tomorrow”. I picked up the bag, I put on the shelf and I went to  the cd section and I found “Buena Vista Social Club” and I bought it.

Today, I went to work as usual, boring and dead as usual, not many invoices these days despite the fiscal year end is coming (in Canada is March 31st), so I left the office at 11.30 and went to the store. From the distance I saw a big bag..and then…OMG, the bag wasn’t there, not anymore. I checked in all shelves, I went to the clothes sections, shoes, painting, kitchenware…nothing, I made a tour like 3 times…nothing again. I was in shock…I was sad…I was almost devastated …my fashion dream, well, not mine, well, mine because it would be for my beloved cat…gone, totally gone.

So, I was walking in slow motion, sad and thinking…”who the hell bought it?”. I went to the cd section and found U2 “The Josua Tree”, I bought it. I went to the front desk, the same guy of yesterday was there, with his big glasses, he smiled and I said “how are you today?”. I said “I’m sad, the bag I wanted to buy yesterday…somebody already took it, did you see somebody with the bag?” He said no, he saw nobody, at least when he was there. He looked at me and he said “Probably is wasn’t mean for you. If you didn’t have it is because something better will come later”, I was surprised of his answer. I said…”yes, maybe”. He added “next time if you see something you really need, you really want it, don’t risk…take it” and added “come the day of the offer not the day before”. At that point, I think this man was giving me a big lesson. Life is full of bags, but also full of opportunities, ideals, people, hopes, expectations. His words could be applied to anything we wanted once and we waited and we couldn’t reach it…for doubts, for fear, for some other silly or realistic situations. That man, that for the law in considered as handicapped or physically challenged gave me a big one lesson…if shouldn’t risk important things …I mean, really important things. The bag is a bag, a nice one, I really wanted it, but well, for a second hand 40$ was too high for me and if somebody else bought it at 20$ today…it was meant for that person and its pet. I got a cage, well, my cat has one…so, in theory, I didn’t need it…but if something nice and bigger is coming…it will come at its time.

I left the store with my U2 cd. I headed work again…the song “but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” was playing…yes, some things are meant to be in different moments…next time, my bitchy cat will have something fashion…in the meantime, her slave writes in her blog…and waits…a major Winter storm is coming, we expect 15cm or 20cm of snow between tonight and tomorrow all day. I think I’ll take the bus just in case, I live closer to work anyways. And by the way, the real price of that bag in the market was 150$.


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