D- At -17

Well, finally we’re 2013. Temperature in Ottawa this week has been between -12 and -17 (with wind sensation of -26). As the tradition says, celebrate and wish everybody even your lousy friends and awful boss, all the best, health, money, love, xxx movies and so on, I did it and I participated in this ritual. I tried to talk to people at work if someone wanted to party (to get invited) but nothing happened. I just slept watching a good movie…”The Last Circus” (Balada de trompeta triste, real title). I had several components of Tarantino movies. This film is landscaped in Spain, during Franco’s revolution, one of the most violent era in history of Spain…the result was a movie so fresh, dynamic, violent and with a dark sense of humor. Excellent. So, after watching this movie it occurred to me to go to cinema to watch “Django Unchained”. I will say is much better that “Magnificent Bastards”. Something typical of Tarantino is the famous gathering of character to talk about something nonsense that finally had a connection with the movie plot. We saw that in “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs”. In Django, he does it like 3 times but not in that puzzle dialogue complexity. Here is more light and dynamic but well…He described the way  slaves were treated in a raw version of violence. Human degradation or inhuman behavior. Again, he uses a sarcastic character Dr Shultz but the gags and jokes aren’t that strong like in other movies. Almost at the end, the story runs to get quickly to ….a happy end. I saw in Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB they gave it 8 stars. Too much for me. 6 or 7 are ok. Try to compare these two movies….and you’ll know what I mean.

I went to work early because I needed to leave early to see the specialist Dr Marko asked me to see. I decided to check before my result at college for my Finance course….I was a bit, just a bit surprise…I was expecting a C-, but I got D-, that means I did 52%, yes, I passed…but I’m not proud of that poor performance. I said before to have the Ontarian accountants exception for this course in B-…shame, shame, shame. I called my Swedish friend and as a confession, I told her my result. She said not to give up. Other things happened to day that made me forget this anecdotal incident.

Minutes later my therapist called me saying when I called her, December 27th, and she didn’t answer wanted me to know the reason of my call, it’s January 3rd…so I told her everything that happened…she felt sorry and we’ll meet tomorrow, she will give me a gift…I hope not chocolates.

But let’s started with the most important thing. Some dental updates. After seeing Al-Mullah, my bite goes super well. Less pain and numbness, I think after 5 weeks without chewing my jaw and face had to re-adapter its normal functions. I had to admit that even the idea of chewing scared me. I had to deal with that, it became more psychological I think but what happened to day put me a bit angry and all changed the perception of health and diagnostic in Ottawa. At the very beginning I was feeling this awful pain…and Dr Marko was concerned about some root canals performed in Peru that at least one was getting an infection. Today I went to see Dr Thompson, specialist in Endodontics (vulgarly known as root canal).First, his assistant took several x-rays, digital x-rays (so high tech that office), I explained the problem of my pain that I wanted to check my bite again…so the girl agreed and took several x-rays. I asked about Thompson and she said she had like 8 years of experience in this field. Later on, he arrived….an he didn’t want to take a look on my bite he said…”we don’t do that here” I begged him, and he said no. At the point I was thinking of Dr Marko…why? I waited 5 weeks, I made an emergency call to meet Al-Mullah, she dismissed from her office just giving me for almost 2 weeks a cocktail of antibiotics and sent me to this Dr to check on it…and finally…he’s not the specialist for that thing (glad my pain is almost over). Thompson did some test on my front teeth and determinate one nerve was dead..infection was around it, so, root canal needed. Why is this required? Because if don’t, the bone will disappear and my teeth will drop.He also added there is 85% probabilities of success. Ah? what? 85%? I said “So it means you do the root canal and if it doesn’t work you just take my money”, he said laughing “basically is that”. The estimation is 1677$. I’ll see how much insurance will cover. To be honest, I was expecting a higher amount. It’s expensive but not that much. But still…I was left with pain and Marko just left me dying. If I shouldn’t have called Al-Mullah probably I would cancel my hysterectomy surgery because I wasn’t able to eat (by the way, surgery will be this Monday).

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have to call the hospital to know what time my surgery will be, I need to do more groceries, I have to do a “just in case” physio session since one of my knees was a bit in pain, also, I have to give Sarah, my physiotherapist a little gift, the chocolates that my pseudo Japanese friend gave me and a little plush flower with a big smile on it. Her birthday is the 27th but I won’t be able to visit her because of my condition after surgery. Then, at 6pm I have to see my therapist just talking not therapy, and the only thing I want from her….is what my own mother can’t and will never give, listening and a loving not toxic hug.


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