Al-Mullah And The Picky Lesbian

Two nights ago I got such pain in my tooth, which is not the one that had filling but the bottom. This phenomena happens when both side of your teeth, top and bottom aren’t at the same level. After Dr Marko did the adjustment in the filled tooth she didn’t pay attention, neither I, that the wisdom tooth was scratching the other wisdom at the bottom….my jaw was in pain.

I was so miserable, nervous, anxious and alone. So I made some calls to talk about my miseries…I called my therapist, I left a message and she never called me back….vacations? out of town?….I don’t know. I called Dr Marko, the answering machine greeted me, in fact, I called twice that day, no answer, for sure she wasn’t in Ottawa. I called my pseudo Japanese colleague, I left a message and….she didn’t call back. I called my father but the connection was so bad he couldn’t listen to me. I called another person from church….she didn’t answer, just when I tried the 3rd time and after saying who I was she answered: “What is this about?” Not even hi, or how are you?. She said then, send me an email, I’m waiting a call from Italy. I got perplexed…I called at 9pm, which means in Italy should be 3am (depending of the zone). I just hanged up.I called my Swedish friend and instead trying to calm me down for my imminent surgery she freaked me out, about the idea I won’t be able to climb the stairs, move, that I needed a nurse and full care of somebody. So, I just said thanks and I tried my last chance…my last call.

So I made a call to Ottawa Dental Emergency line and they said there was a dentist available that night. His name was Al-Mullah Mhandy. I waited just some hours in the morning to make the call. His clinic is a walking clinic, you don’t need appointment. I went and I’ve said it was an emergency. I arrived there at 10.30, and when I saw the dentist, the clinic was already full of 10 people, probably everybody was looking for a dentist since the holidays everybody takes vacations…this basic service isn’t offered by normal Canadians, so, immigrants had a plus those days. At the clinic my pseudo Japanese phoned, apologizing for not calling back before. I told her my tooth misery and she cheered me up. Minutes later it was my turn. I saw an old old old man, I guessed he was Al-Mullah Mhandy…undressing his dentist gear and changing it for a suit. Another man, in his middle 40’s came. I asked him if he was Al-Mullah and he said that was the name of the clinic but not his. In fact, I don’t remember his name at all, I’m sure there was a letter K somewhere. In the waiting room there was a diploma of Al-Mullah saying he graduated from Emirates Arab and another from Iraq. But this doctor I’m sure it was a relative, probably his nephew or something. I explained about my complex pain, after tapping my teeth and no showing any pain, so I begged him for an x -ray and he determinate there was no source of pain.  I explained my bite had changed and that was painful so he offered to polish the wisdom tooth….since yesterday I was able to chew….after  5 weeks, I was able to eat…sure, some much antibiotic medication my stomach is kind of…picky, I can be hungry but just look at the food I feel nauseous.

I went home, surprise of my new bite didn’t cause any pain, although, my gums were swore, but not pain for chewing. In the afternoon I just wanted to nap and I needed to leave at 7pm for my German’s friend party, she finished the renovations of her big house. I bought  a rice cooker, so, I just needed a break of my emotions when my pseudo Japanese friend called me again. She invited me for dinner. I said yes, knowing Canadian have dinner early, I figure I could make it and go to see my German friend after.

I drove to her place and she just came from her shopping therapy. Her  gifts she bought for herself was a leather jacket, gloves, boots and some other stuff. She made vegetarian lasagna and made home made bread. Delicious….yes, I was able to chew my food. But I was feeling so tired because before I wasn’t able to eat because of pain and the antibiotics put me so weak. After drinking cider with spices, she gave me a gift….the think I hate the most, the think I said to everybody not to give me as present: CHOCOLATE. Yes, I don’t like chocolate as much as American/Canadians do. It was a little box of artisan chocolates. I said thanks and inside of me I thought….”Oh, a present for my therapist” she is a chocoholic. We sat at the fire place. Yes, her house has a fire place and I remembered my grandma’s kitchen, in the Andes, a little square so poor, she used to cook with wood and push the flames blowing with a long cane tube. She wanted to eat chocolate fondue…I had to invent any resource for not eating…God bless the antibiotics…I explained her my stomach was so sensitive due to the high dose of antibiotics. In fact, the fondue set I gave her for Christmas was the gift I won the office Christmas gift exchange. An it was awkward when she asked me what I got in this exchange….Sure, I couldn’t tell her “well, the gift I gave you, the little fondue set, the thing I hated…I gave it to you”. Again, I invented another excuse and she believed me. Then I left.

I drove to my German’s friend house. I came at almost 9.30pm. I saw the new dog of the couple…who wasn’t a German Sheppard for my disappointment named Moritz. I had a great time and there was so much food and encouraged for my new bite, I ate almost everything but chocolate. I discovered there Dr Marko is also my German’s friend dentist!!! Well, Ottawa is small, too small. I left at midnight and I couldn’t sleep until 3 am, I’m still nervous for surgery and my teeth.

It’s snowing outside, I went out to buy some groceries despite I’m not hungry but then I went to my second hand store to buy some cd’s. I got: Genesis “we can’t dance” and I found a jewel from Spain, Mecano “descanso dominical” one of the greatest cd’s of the band, there a song about lesbians which was a hit. Then I went to the library where I got a bunch of DVD’s and I found other cd’s like Daft Funk, Queen “greatest hits”, The Sundays “blind”, Jane’s Addiction “ritual de lo habitual” and I bought a cd that I was sure it was Seal…when I got home…it was Dave Matthews Band “stand up” and finally, Crystal Method “tweekend” not that good like the first album.

I’m thinking watching the snow falling…that I can’t call anybody…that I’m not hungry but I need to take my antibiotic…I wish I could have real friends and be somebody “normal” without pain and not needing a hysterectomy soon.


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