About What Happened At Christmas

Finally Christmas, the torture festivity of joy and happiness, the synonym of family gathering and gifts is over. For all who had not family and friends like me is a kind of relief.

I went to Church the 24th, there were 2 services, 1 in English and other in French. The English was ok, not that impressive like last year, well, last year was my very first time there and I felt great having a great time. But this time the sermon was too long, I think the minister doesn’t realize he talks too much that at some point people got lost, like me. After the service there was a break of 1 hour for the next one and I listened to the trumpeter rehearsing. I greeted him and we talked a bit. He was Jewish and he told me his synagogue was moving to our church!, I mean, they do their Saturday service there when the Unitarian church is closed. He explained me they are Reconstructionist, a Jewish branch; people who is favour of Palestine, women wear kippat (that little hat) that is very open minded and liberal. I was in shock, I never thought a think like that existed in Ottawa.  It’s known Jewish had tons of religious branches, the most popular are the radicals, but he proved me not everybody is like that. His name is Conner, he told me his mom was a kind of minister in that synagogue….women aren’t allow to have that position, at that point the reconstructionist are liberal. He answered all my questions, I was feeling I was taking the course “Judaism for dummies”. He even told about  Yitzhak Rabin was so hated because he tried to make peace with Palestinians and in the other synagogues, when his name was pronounced, people took out their shoes and hit the furniture…it was awful and because of that he was murdered Connor said. It was nice to talk to him, probably I’ll go to Synagogue, Connor told me this group is like the Unitarians, who do lots of activities in favour the community. We said good bye and I spoke to the minister about the next service.

I volunteer to do the French service. Last year there was a choir and 20 people. This year…OMG, 4 people, no choir, the pianist and the trumpeter. I did the sermon 2, comparing the last year sermon when a woman of Alsace was telling all the preparative, decoration and so on in a very gently way, also, in a very idealistic way versus my childhood in Peru, when terrorism was in its highest peak, where bombs were detonated and military tanks were on streets. I finished saying, the most important at the time was being at home, the 24th at midnight with the family, despite no electricity or water were available, that, as a kid, I felt the environment just at Christmas full of joy and it was a bracket of happiness….that I wished Christmas were all year around. After that the 4 cats of the service left…I went home and I crashed the bed…usually when I was in Gatineau or in Montreal, at midnight, as reflect act, I woke up, it was a time I wanted to skip in my dreams but unconsciously I remembered even asleep, after I moved to Ottawa it doesn’t happen anymore…I learnt Christmas is not just a date on calendar but what you can do with it, that you can do or redefine its meaning. I think I made…finally.

For the 25th….Marina, the daughter of my Swedish friend invited to her place in South Manotick very far from where I live and there I met her loving husband and or his family tree. Bill, my Swedish’s boyfriend drove us there.

Once, a Canadian told me “It’s not Christmas until somebody yells on the table”. So far, it didn’t happen. There were like 15 people, in 2 tables, we ate a delicious turkey (I made a sacrifice because I’m vegetarian) smashed potatoes, something like smash carrots, broccoli, corn and milk goose….what? Milk goose is beverage made of Vanilla ice cream, rum and milk. It was good a bit stronger for me but well, I ate slowly since my tooth is still too sensitive. With one dish, I was full. Bill when we drove us back was saying no stop “I’m so sick, I’m so sick”. Literally he ate everything that was put in front of him. I refused desert because I felt like a balloon plus the milk goose that I didn’t finish.  Next day I was still digesting my dinner, I just ate some fruit and drinking water.

I’m still in pain, my tooth is killing me despite the new medication, I just made a call to meet another dentist, I need to fix this situation before my hysterectomy will be done.  This time I don’t care the price, as long the pain disappears. I had to call Ottawa dental emergency service to provide me a phone number…I called just today to have an appointment, let’s see what happens.


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