Dr. Marko vs The Evil Toochache

I was absent for so long for a painful reason. Dr. Savescu screw my teeth last time. I went to see her twice and last time she made some correction to the high filling she put and she only said to chew with the other side of my mouth. At the beginning, like 2 hours later, I felt not that bad but not that good either. All last week I wasn’t able to eat, I just ate avocados morning, afternoon and night with white eggs. That’s it. The pain was so big that I woke up several times at night. I felt my gums were like balloons and even without chewing, the gums touched themselves producing pain, I felt also kind of salty taste which it means I was bleeding. My Swedish friend minimized the incident telling me to use a toothpaste for sensitive gums, well, she recommended Dr Savescu for the procedure. I had to explained all that happened to me, that was like 5 days in pain and I gave her all details and she hasn’t call me or email me yet.

At the same time, the LGBT group at church was organizing a potluck. To be totally brutally honest, I hate potlucks for just one reason….they start eating at 5pm. As you may know, as an immigrant, I lost my name, I lost my language, I spoke fluently the 2 official Canadian languages, I was victim of racism, I had to sleep on the floor when I moved to Ottawa, I was for some months surviving with pennies, I paid huge taxes, I never had a family doctor just after 8 years, I gave to much to this country….and this country won’t tell me what time to have dinner or whom I go to bed with. NEVER EVER. And there are people who tells one should adapt oneself to the country, I did. Too much maybe, I’m respectful of law, I learned a lot…why they don’t want to learn from me? Well, maybe the law is just one sense, from the hosting country…so I lost, but I have my dinners after 7pm, no question about it.

So, as I was saying, this  LGBT friend from church invited me to potluck, she sent the same email like 4 times, I said no, and she was almost harassing me, but why? why was so important this potluck? A new member from church is lesbian too and her partner, a transexual was coming to visit her, so the potluck was a welcoming. It’s ok, seems nice, but with a toothache, biting or chewing wasn’t in my mind, also, with that kind of pain like that you just want to kill somebody, and I really wanted to kill the dentist. She continued to sending me emails asking “what’s up” “why aren’t you coming?” Damn!! Do I have to explain and give a justification for not assisting to a potluck? Give me a bloody break!!! And as I said, I gave too much to this country and learnt not to inquire that much when somebody says no to something, and there I was, harassed and giving explanations after saying no to a stupid potluck. I was so furious and even when I gave my reasons, she continued saying “give me your phone number!” and in my Facebook I wrote like 3 days ago “Thanks Lima for being such a supportive cat in these toothache painful days”, she sent me another message asking for me, how I was going, it doesn’t look like I want o be alone and in PEACE….OMG, OMG, OMG, if you already heard that lesbians can be stalkers…yes, they are, and they’re PRO’s.

Anyway, at work I spoke with my Nisei colleague and I spoke about my situation, she suggested me her dentist Dr Marko. I wasn’t that sure of the suggestion but I’ve already spent 600$, 2 visits withtou success and well I needed another alternative. Meanwhile, Dr Savescu assistant called me telling me the Dr had room to see me and I said “I’m changing the Dr and also cancel the cleaning teeth in February, I’m not doing business with you guys anymore!”.  I had time that day to talk to Dr. Marko’s assistant, I explained everything, no able to eat, to chew, no sleep, vomiting, pain for 1 week. At some point she said…” I can’t understand you very well” and I said “it’s because I’m swollen” , it’s true, pronouncing was even  impossible. She said “ok, I’m booking you with Dr. Marko as an emergency” , “Is this an emergency?” I said surprised…she replied…”it seems so” and she laughed.

I went that afternoon to her office. What a different atmosphere. Full of people,  technicians everywhere and finally Dr Marko’s assistant came to take my pressure (!!!!) asking me what happened. Minutes later I was laying in the dentist chair, another girl super pregnant came to tell me ” so your friend Joan recommend you here!” Well, my colleague is famous among them. And finally, Dr Marko arrived, tall women, slim and with strange glasses. I spoke everything and I was in pain and she was holding my hand (yes she was!) and was very compassionate about me. She took some x rays, I did some chewing test and she saw the pain was muscular, she determinate the filling was high and did some corrections, gave some Ibuprofen to take for 2 days and antibiotics for a week (apparently there was in infection). She did several tests and made me do some other things to be sure it everything was fine. I noticed after the corrections she did much better. We shook hand and when I went to pay I said to the receptionist….”She is a PRO”. I paid like 200$ but it was worth it. The day after Dr Marko called me!!! Asking if everything was alright. I said yes, and then we’ll see next Tuesday. And just yesterday I received a letter from her giving me all explanations and telling me all that happened in my mouth and in our very first visit…wooow. The only Dr who called me was my veterinarian after my cat was neutered…like 8 years ago….what a service Dr Marko gave.

In all these days I was thinking of my beloved Peruvian dentist…he was awesome, he cured all my teeth, in fact, all my teeth have fillings, all of them. And I’m a person who doesn’t like sweet things, he told me there’re more people sensitive to cavities and the fact I used too much antibiotics when I was a kind made my teeth weak. I was very scary when I went to see Dr Marko not because of the diagnosis, I was scared to need a root canal, thing here in Canada can cost easily like 3000$, while in Peru is like 200$ and my dentist is so good, he did like 3, like 5 years ago.

It’s Sunday, the swollen is almost gone, I was able to chew just yesterday, muscles in my jaw are more relaxed and comfortable…I was able to eat…to smile, to be more positive and of course, happy pain is almost gone. Still, I got my final exam December 10, I was discouraged because I wasn’t able to concentrate in my studies…let’s see what happens next.


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