Lesbo Interrupts Gathering

Well, after the American elections and all the LGBT euphony due to the great changes and success of this, I came back to my average immigrant life in the great Capital.

Last Monday I ate ice cream and I don’t know why I felt an awful sharp pain in my tooth. I got panicked and I sent a message to my Swedish friend asking her if she knew a dentist. I’ve never seen a dentist in this country, just the fees scares me. So, she gave me the name of somebody and before booking for an appointment I checked if I was covered….and yes, I’am, the insurance company will pay 90% of the fees. When I called to the dentist, the receptionist told me just to look at my teeth will cost 120$…well, at least I’m covered.

Two days ago I got my second hormonal shot. Lupron Depot 3.75 mg. This thing is working. My period finished and the hot flashes typical of menopause women came to my body. It is not that hard but sometimes I feel my body is yo-yo heater. At the beginning was feeling kind of hot from the hips until the neck, sweating without doing much and drinking water inconsolably and then cold, very cold, I wasn’t sure what was happening. The doctor told me it was normal and gave some forms for my surgery. She read and explained all the stupid forms, at some point she gave a paper to sign, I said “Is this the paper that says if I die isn’t your fault?” “You won’t die” she replied and gave a little punch on my knee. She asked me where I was from and I said Peru. “Oh, my parents and my aunt are there right no” I said “Why they didn’t go to Cuba like anybody else?” After the shot I booked another appointment for my next and last shot in December.

Meanwhile, I received that day an email from Metro News saying I won a DVD “The Campaign” I decided to pick up the prize today knowing there was Lesbian gathering in my favorite restaurant in downtown. I was happy to win a prize but to be honest, my preferences in movies are far from this one but well, is a gift. When I got a realize that….is was Blue-ray….and I don’t have DVD player…and my laptop doesn’t read Blue-ray either…so…I just went to a Tim Horton’s looking my useless DVD…I drove from the office to downtown for that… unbelievable. I bought a Danish apple biscuit or something like that and the guy who served me saw the DVD, he said “By the way, a great movie”…I won’t see it I guess. I walked all downtown.  I was near of Justice Canada, a place where I work before and I decided to say hi to my ex boss. Of course, she didn’t answer the phone, too busy as usual, I just left a message …but she will never care.

It was almost 5pm and I went to The Buzz, the restaurant where this gathering was happening. It has been like 2 years I stopped going there. And I will tell you why I stopped after seeing what I saw there..again. I sat at the bar, then Sarah, the organizer came to say hi, in fact, I didn’t want to talk to her but well, as usual, she was hanging her drink, and she was already..a bit drunk, we exchanged like 5 words and then, she pulled a chair from the bar and went to sit in another table. One day she will pay that behavior  one day. She was talking to everybody and eating like a pork with manners. And there I was, sitting in the bar, the 3 barmen who saw me didn’t realize I was there. Beside me there was two retard girlish kids (because they were under 24), one with a big tattoo that the barman said “nice”….well, we don’t have the same definition of NICE.  Anyway, probably for a brainless girl is awesome to have a Persian carpet design on her arm. Then the barman, who I knew from the other gatherings talked to me. He gained a bit of weight and had a Mexican mustache, well, he’s Mexican. I asked in Spanish “Do you have a partner?” He said “yes…and we’re expecting a baby in March, we’re doing shopping of house in Kanata” I didn’t dare to ask him if his partner was gay because he’s very gay…well, I just replied “Desperate Housewife neighborhood” and he said “Suburgatory”.No comments. People changed, he changed, well, he lost even hair and now looks like St Anthony of Padua with a little hole on the top of his head. He told me who was the cheff tonight. They gave us kind a chicken meat ball, which despite I’m becoming more and more vegetarian at 90% I tried…tasteless, I felt the cumin taste but the salt…a bit heavy for the condiments. That was disappointing because usually the appetizers were really good. Past is past now.

I saw again and again the same phenomena, people and group and closed group so this time I wasn’t feeling like a satellite, or uncomfortable. I just asked for a tea (2.82$), and I decided that I had enough of this lesbo Ottawa attitude. I don’t know if is cultural or just they are pro to make  feel people you don’t belong there. I paid my bill and I left a tip, then Sarah came and saw my DVD that I pulled out from my Winter jacket. She said “good movie”. I didn’t want to talk her again, I just moved my head trying to say yes.

I left the place, not happy not sad, just indifferent and concerned why my cell phone didn’t work inside the restaurant. I walked like 8 blocks where I left the car. The parking from 3 to 6 pm cost 12$. For a DVD I won’t be able to watch, a tea that tasted a cotton bag tea and the lesbo atmosphere…no way…I decided I will never go back to those gathering and I won’t tolerate the erratic behavior of the organizer.

The gathering sucked but strangely… I feel fine and happy that I won’t go there anymore!!!


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