Lesbo International Up Date

Well, well, well, finally yesterday I had my second financial exam. I was in silence because I was studying and I did this test much better than the other but I don’t think I did a super one. Just before the exam I had a Cappuccino…bad idea, because I stop drinking coffee for months…I was a little hyperactive. When I finished I gave my exam to the teacher, he saw the sheets, made a gesture of feeling an Ex-Lax overdose was on his intestines…so, let’s see the results next week. When I left the room I called my Swedish friend, she called me back just when I was in front of the College bar, because I needed a beer. She invited me to her place and I drunk one and I ate some Tostitos, that was my dinner.

Last Tuesday happened many positive things. First, Obama was reelected. I was watching the news live on my laptop through a Spaniard website. At the beginning was awful seen the Romney was ahead…I got paralyzed…the medias said some other states were still voting and I wasn’t that optimistic about it. Even in my Facebook I wrote “OMG, OMG, OMG”. Well, some hours later I wrote again “God exist, Obama is president again”.I think the lesson of all this is how much scary and tight the results can be an election when everybody votes  when they seen Republicans can be closer to the White House. Sorry Chuck Norris, maybe next time.

But not only that was the great news of the week. I think what made me happy that day was that Tammy Baldwin was elected to Senate, she’s openly gay and ….from Wisconsin (that’s not cool, that’s a miracle!). And for ending the great news section of this blog, Maryland and Maine approved same-sex marriage….all in one day. My congratulations to all the intelligent people who voted and who support this change. Meanwhile, in the White Elephant’s land….Romney loses an average of 842 friends and likes on his Facebook….should I cry? Naaaaaa…where’s the vodka? Well, I don’t drink anymore…that’s is relative too.What I like of all this networks is they say all private things in public. Like people blaming Republican candidates on Twitter. Well, at least we see the real true on all this.

Here in Canada we had a relief to know Obamanation is still hanging there, I was very happy to see the LGBT little victories in some states popping up….I’m so glad this election made cry people…but they were crying for hope, change, new alternatives…and yes, everything is possible because when we want…we can.


2 thoughts on “Lesbo International Up Date

  1. You’re right, I forgot that, in fact, it has been a super election for LGBT group, thanks for reading!

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