Lesbo Winter Preparations

Yesterday I woke up at 6 am to talk to a good friend of mine who is in France through Skype. She was married with a kid and now she’s getting divorce after almost 5 years of some abusive and crazy relationship. My friend is not a saint either but anyways, she’s moving to Paris with her….girlfriend!!!  Yes, now she’s living a lesbo experience, she’s exited not necessary for living with her but for going to Paris. All her friends we know this is also an abusive, possessive, with aggressively control due to excessive jalousie. I’m kind of sad because I know that sort of relationship and she knows at some point her girlfriend is going to cheat on her for being with a man (her girlfriend wants a baby in the old fashion way), all my friends knows how’s this will finish…I saw her in eyes when she told me that, I saw the resignation but also the opportunity to leave her husband for something better. When I say better is an euphemism. Her girlfriend is so possessive that she calls her every 20 minutes to control her and know where she is or what she is doing, I’m not exaggerating, she calls constantly, checks when she’s online, she forbade her to use her own Facebook and Skype (we got a webcam only because this crazy woman was with her parents and busy with them but even when we were talking she phoned!!! And they talked for 5 minutes).

So, after talking for almost 40 minutes I left my apartment. It was cold and the windows were frozen. The windshield washer fluid I got it was still the Summer one remaining….and because I was late and I didn’t have any visibility …I used it….to clean the windows…bad, bad and bad idea…at the contact with the air it got frozen…I was able to see the snowflakes covering like in the fantasy movies…I put more and more and more fluid with the windshields moving up and down just to defrost …It wasn’t funny to drive to work like that. In my way back I decided to empty the fluid pushing more. It worked, I had few but it was empty so then I put the -40 fluid. But this morning, it was even colder; it was like -5 with wind -8. The remaining fluid in my window left a blue layer and I had to scrape it. In this situations ejecting the Winter fluid helps because won’t freeze quickly….my problem was one ejector was frozen and any liquid could get out, just the left side…enough for driving, the back window ejector didn’t work either but at least the electric lines on the back melted the snow layer…I got scared…but anyways, at lunch time I verified and because is “warm” enough, 2C, all ejectors work.

Also, my second Finance exam is coming next Monday, I started to study weeks ago. I had more motivation than before but in class I was the last one to leave the classroom and I just spoke a little to the teacher telling him the despite my last effort I got a low mark and that I was scared because in front of the exam I got petrified. He only said “I’m sure you’ll do better”…I said “I don’t know”…and I left…I must confess I’m scared, I can’t fail this time, I need in my final mark a B- to do the equivalence to the Ontario Accounting Association.

I’ll be quiet this week to prepare myself better. I just received an email from my boss…he’s asking for any suggestions where to have our Christmas party…I just realized we’re November 11th…Christmas is around the corner…too close..which means…surgery is coming up…and the insurance company is taking lots of time to reimburse me my first shot of 400$ and I have to buy the second shot next week.


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