5 MacBooks, 1 Hot Chocolate and 1 Single Lesbian

It was Caturday yesterday. I spent 2 hours more in bed, but my main duty of the day was to study for my second financial test. I spent almost all day reading, practicing and listening a bit of music.

I cooked for my week around at noon, it took me 2 hours to do everything, to spit the spinach in the fry pan, make chick peas and kattha loo (the potatoes Indian style). For some reason I didn’t have lunch, I just ate fruits and almonds, not very hungry lately. I knew at night there will be the Ottawa Drag Idol, a contest of new drag queens in town, I think started at 7pm. Once the apartment was totally clean, food ready, chapter 9 finished, I dressed, knowing the weather was cold, 2C, I wore my beautiful brown second hand jacket and my shirt….when I finished, I grabbed my keys and warmed up the car. Driving at night to downtown is not very exciting, first is almost empty second..if there is almost empty streets…why I can’f find parking on the street? Well, I went to free parking shopping center, I found a spot on the 2nd basement….it always warm there but when I went out in Queen St….damn…how much I regret to have chosen the leather jacket instead of my ski jacket. I walked like 6 blocks heading to the gay bar Swizzles. It was almost 6.30pm, this bar is another basement, small one, under a restaurant…I’ll be honest…despite is a miniature bar…I love it. Why? Well, in Peru in the 90’s going to a gay bar was a different experience. First, it was always underground, sometimes you need a password to repeat at the door. The security checked if you were really gay, it was always a commercial basement and dark. Going to Swizzles, descend those little downstairs beside a parking lot, to see how discrete can be this bar, remind me my old days in the third world. I heard I think was last year or the year before, there was an attack, somebody beat a travesty, I cannot say if it was a drag queen, but I remember the news. When I was walking Queen street, desert like my stomach or my pockets, I saw 2 construction guys, talking aloud…those guys scare me, call it prejudice, but those are the toughest. When I arrived it was 6.40pm, of course, there was nobody, I just saw the lights some adds on the wall and I climbed back those probably 10 steps. I thought it would be a good idea, since my body was frozen to grab something hot. I walked back and I decided to encourage a lesbian coffee shop. I went to Bridgehead.

By the way, who chose that name? what does it mean? Since English is not my mother tongue I always translate, so the meanings of bridgehead in http://www.worldreference.com (because I don’t have a paperback dictionary) says:

WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2012:

Principal Translations
bridgeheadn (military: captured area in enemy territory) cabeza de puenteloc nom f
bridgeheadn figurative (advantageous position from which to advance further) figurativo cabeza de puenteloc nom f

Well, original I should say, for a couple of lesbians who, as many lesbians I know, respect the environment, are in favor of fair-trade and vegetarianism, are now in advantageous position of making lots but lots of profit. I think they got several franchises in Ottawa. Also, this coffee shop is famous because coffee is excellent quality, fanciest than Starbucks and decoration is good, sober and lots of space since Starbucks is basically a microscopic space with 7 employees “working” doing not much….every Starbucks I go I found the same phenomena, little space, crowed and lots of employees. Bridgehead there’s always 2 people working.

So, the formula is : Cold weather+ empty stomach at 6.30 pm= Hot chocolate at square date. As I said before, they are fancy, they’re good so…they’re expensive as a logic result. For a small cup of hot chocolate and the desert was almost 6$. Yes, the price of fair-trade, not fair for me. Just at the entry they sell their mugs at almost 20$…yes, it must be organic. I bought one at the second hand store for 1$, I liked the logo and at the time I was a coffee addicted, I wanted my own collection!!!

I chose a place in front of the window. When I looked back, at the time I sat, there were 5 people alone, writing or listening something on their MacBooks, half of them with student look and two older ones. There was a young girl reading a Lonely travel book writing her possible destinations. I just saw 2 couples, one hetero and two girlish girls (apparently brainless) talking and laughing, specially laughing, the rest we were alone drinking our options and playing with our phones.

The chocolate wasn’t that spectacular and it wasn’t that sweet, the square date was good, it made a good balance. The view from my window was nice, looking the few cars at Bank St, seeing people stretching their coats because of the weather and me, drinking peacefully my hot chocolate that I finished in less than 5 minutes. A third hetero couple came. I was thinking how comfortable I was feeling, despite being alone, that it was a good idea to go out after so many formulas and after all, independence is nice when you got money to spend. Usually I wouldn’t 6$ for few things.

The young traveler left, one MacBook girl left too, there was a guy reading a book at my left, and a man playing with his Iphone. So many solitudes in a large space. The only thing missing was Eric Clapton playing unplugged songs.  This was time to go home. While walking back to the parking I pulled out my old Samsung MP3, ( I rediscovered that not long time ago) and I was listening to PJ Harvey from the album “Let England Shake”, listening “The words that maketh  it murderer”, so sad that she didn’t wont the Brits Awards, the best political and anti-establishment album made in years…of course, that’s why Adele won all the prices that year…sad, love songs are more powerful than reality, the reality nobody wants to listen to.

At home, I got 3 movies options…”Iron Man”, “Fish Tank” and “Fish Out of Water”not the best but those where the things available at the library. Well, Iron Man, not that bad…not that good either, I wasted 2 hours but well, know I know better since last year I saw Iron Man 2. Then I chose to watch “Fish Out of Water” or how Catholic religion uses the famous Sodomah and Gomorrah to ostracized gays and send them to hell (while in the Bible says eating shrimps is abomination). Well, some Republicans shouldn’t follow to the letter. I haven’t finished the movie but it’s good how dogmas uses some parts of religious paragraphs to rule and say what’s good or not. At their own convenience.

Sunday morning in Ottawa at 1C, inside 25C…warm at home, finally starting to feeling home, with a cup of lemon tea and Eric Clapton at the background.


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