Mercury Falling…Blood Rising

It’s Sunday again, and it’s -6 in Ottawa. The apartment temperature is cooling down too. But many things happened this weekend, good and bad, in that order. My antisocial phase started again but not because I wanted to be isolated but a toothache put things in perspective.

I went to the dentist, my very first time here in Canada. That’s a bad news. I asked my Swedish friend for a reference and she gave the name of one woman, apparently Romanian, her name is Savescu. When you go to the dentist is already painful, but paying is the most dramatic thing, scary and even worse, they give you the amount without Novocaine (anesthesia). When I arrived I saw all the instruments and chair…old, like in Peru in those public hospitals….well, my dentist in Peru is high tech if you compared with this dentist. I explained her what the situation was. She shot me novocaine and started drilling, apparently I had cavities but I thing I’ve already had fill there but she had to put new one, in fact, she filled like 3 holes there. After she sent me to another assistant to clean my  teeth. I should have seen this person for Halloween. When she was cleaning my teeth with her instruments (kind of fine hook) pulling out the tartar from my gums, blood was splashing, like a little river. I think I lost like a glass of blood in this process. After 45 minutes she showed me mirror….OMG, my gums were still bleeding. I had more than gingivitis that’s what she said, she gave me dental floss, a little tube of Colgate and a toothbrush. I went to pay at the reception….almost 600$, that my insurance paid 90% .

Ufffff, horrible experience because the thing didn’t end there. I had to go back on Wednesday because the fill was too high and I was in pain for 3 days…and still today there’s pain, less, but pain is there. So that Monday I went to the dentist, in the afternoon I went to college to see my results. Well, teacher put the marks online, from 30 points I did 20. Not that bad but not good either. But I was satisfied, I was dreaming of having a B- but the final exam will be only December 10th.

On Wednesday, after seen the dentist again I went to the office and I worked as usual. In the afternoon, around 1pm, the DG (Director General) called me asking me if I could see him at his office, thing I did in 5 secs. When I arrived I spoke a bit with her assistant, I noticed there were people at the DG’s office, so I assumed he was in meeting, but then the assistant told me to go inside….in that meeting?… In the office, my boss, his boss and the big boss, the DG, were all there. I felt paralyzed….I thought “God, what I’ve done now”…The DG started saying “you seem scared” and my boss said “I don’t blame her” and everybody laughed, not me. The DG said “well, you know the situation here with all the layoffs, I know, because your boss tells me you work very hard, you always helps here when somebody asks you, you always helps”, he pulled a yellow file and said “I know you’re contract is finishing so and probably you wanted to start another job…” I opened the file…it was another contract….the DG added “I can’t promised you a permanent job but we’re extending you until 2014…I know is difficult this situation, I was casual, and then term and after a while I became permanent…” I couldn’t believe it, I was speechless, I saw the contract and said until March 2014, 1 more year. I said OMG, I mimic cleaning tears from my eyes….I grabbed a pen and I signed again. I said “Thank you so much, this is my Christmas gift. “Good for you” said the DG. Then I left and my boss told me not to tell anybody at the office about this. Which I promised, I didn’t put it either on my Facebook. I was happy, more than happy, I sent emails to my Swedish friend and my therapist. When I arrived home I talked to my friend in France and everybody was happy about the news.

That afternoon I had classes again. I spoke to the teacher asking how much marks I needed for having a B- (that gives you the equivalence for the Certified General Accountants of Ontario). He saw my marks and said “you need a perfect mark of at least 39 points of 40”. I was in shock…I’m limited in maths…having a perfect score in the final for me is impossible. I felt totally discouraged and the worse, not motivated at all.Why study for this final knowing I won’t have B-? Probably C+, which it doesn’t help. I left the classroom not feeling my legs…the good news of the job were eclipsed by this news. I went home, I ate an avocado and oatmeal…and I tried to sleep…I wasn’t happy at all.

Next day I went to the Library to return my documents. I picked 2 movies. “Drive” and “The Runaways”. The first one….so….boring. The second was about the beginnings of Joan Jett’s band. I didn’t know she started this band when she was a real teenager, the vocalist was 16 at the time. The film is low budget and shows a group of girls who didn’t know much about music or sex but came from broken families. Jett was portrait as  punk and rebel in a rock world ruled by men. It was a revolutionary rock band on its time….women rocking? A woman playing electric guitar? Joan made a real punk revolution. Everybody says Jett is lesbian, well, she’s vegan…so, do you need more proofs? In the movie Joan kisses Cherie a couple of times but Cherie, vocals, said the group was a group of young girls trying to discover herlselves, well, at time they must know what or who they’re. I agree they explored sexuality and adventure in those hard days when Runaways started…and it was Joan’s dream to be a rock star which she is now. Good movie, I recommended.

To not be that depressed for pain or for marks, I went to the second hand store again. For 3 weeks I didn’t go. I found the Cake “Fashion Nugget” with memorable songs like “the distance” or the cover of “I will survive”. And I found Sting “Mercury Falling”, I played immediately  I loved that song “I’m so happy I can’t stop crying”, about a father getting divorced….who never had a awful separation?

Seven weeks have passed now since she left me
She shows her face to ask me how I am
She says the kids are fine and that they miss me
Maybe I could come and baby-sit sometime
She says, “Are you O.K.? I was worried about you
Can you forgive me? I hope that you’ll be happy.”
I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying
I’m so happy I’m laughing through my tears

I saw a friend of mine 
He said, “I was worried about you
I heard she had another man, 
I wondered how you felt about it?”
I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying
I’m so happy I’m laughing though my tears
Saw my lawyer, Mr Good News
He got me joint custody and legal separation

I spent all my Saturday doing groceries and listening to Sting. Sunday afternoon is beautiful when I drive in the empty roads…I miss company, I miss love…but I don’t miss all the mess a separation brings with. When I broke up with my ex, I spent some days in Women Shelter…there, one social worked asked me if I had kids. I said no. She said “that’s good because in a violent relationship is hard for them”. I suffered conjugal violence. Yes, that exists even gay couples, I’m one of those survivors…and what the social worker told me is still recorded in my mind.

I want new things for me…I’m trying to find the way out.


Lesbo Southern Discomfort

It’s Sunday night…Moby “Hotel” cd#2 is playing (chill out). If you have family or friends you can gather with them, talk to them, call them or text them…but not me. Not tonight. So far, I have no luck with that and I think is fine in the short run…in the long one could kill me or at least put me down or blue. But tonight, I just want to share this little short week, since it was holiday last Monday here in Canada (Remembrance Day).

After the exam, I had no energy at all. I drank a Capuccino (of course with caffeine on it) when I almost thought I finished my caffeine rehab for 2 or 3 months and then the beer with my Swedish friend…bad combination…I couldn’t sleep that night and the next one. As consequence I had a horrible migraine…and the only thing that gets me better in a situation like this is vomiting. Which I did at the bathroom at work. I threw up 3 times. I felt better then but super weak. I had class that night and I ate an ice cream…suddenly one of my tooth bothered me…I got panic, not because I don’t like dentists or pain but….the invoice!!! I heard horror stories about that. Here in Canada is expensive…well, I go tomorrow. But the point of this post in not really that. I called to my insurance company and I found out I got dental care that will pay 90% of my future treatment. At least, 1700$ during 1 year, let’s cross fingers and see I got nothing serious but a cavity or gingivitis. But still, that’s not the point of the post either.

This week I had a break of studies and rent some movies, most of them very bad like “The Loop”, other with several mix good intentions and bad results like “Red” but finally I got a jewel that was showed me a very sad reality …I watched “Southern Comfort” I strongly recommended you to watch it. It’s the story of Robert Eads , a FTM (female to male) transsexual in Georgia, the heart of KKK as he defined itself. You maybe think is just a documentary about a bunch of trannies…but is not at all. Robert did the transition in his 40’s. He asked the doctors to do a total hysterectomy but they said because he was getting closer to menopause that it wasn’t necessary. Years passed…and one day he woke up in a pool of blood. His sister called to several hospitals…he was turned down for 2 dozens of doctors…because he “will ashamed the office and hospital”. As you can imagine in Georgia, small town where Rob used to live was hell on earth asking for medical care. Finally he was accepted at Medical Hospital of Georgia, he had cancer in the cervix that expanded to all uterus…too late to received treatment. He said at some point of the documentary:“The last part of me that’s female, and it’s killing me,” he was right. Then you see other transsexual friends involved, you see the close ties between them. He got involved in a relationship with Lola Cola, a MTF (male to female) trans, you see love in their eyes, you see Lola taking care in Robert’s last days…the last year of his life is presented in the documentary in parallel with the seasons… Winter was the end.

The movie made me think and rethink several things and issues, some of my life, some of the society in general. Rob felt trapped in his female body as I feel. I got in terms with my body, and to be honest, I always thought been transsexual could have been a good option to me. But living in Peru, you don’t have to be a psychic to know the hell, the embarrassed for family and all the big changes…When I saw Rob was turned down health care…rejected in hospital broke my heart, I almost cried, well, now some tears are blocking my vision while I type. I never and I don’t think I’ll do a transition….I show and pay all my respect and hats off for all who did it, who are dealing with that or who finally made it and struggle in a daily life. Geography can help to make things better or worse.

When you’ll see the documentary, pay attention to the very first words he said…I found he had a kind of wisdom and maturity…despite what they did to him…he had no hard feelings. The film was made in 2001, we’re 2012 and some things have changed, and unfortunately, some other won’t change…I got hope in this new Obama’s mandate, I expect more, at least more humanity and dignity. After watching this, I just looked at the mirror, I looked myself and I thanked to have dental care…and some others, more intelligent, or more educated or I don’t know, some other with less opportunities than me, don’t have it and they’re still fighting for that human right, vital and important.

The movie explores the plastic surgeries performances, some done not very well, like trying to leave a scar to identify them as “different”, not even second class citizens…so hard, so unfair, really unreal, really real. It was amazing the final product of this documentary made with low budget but the puzzles pieces were in the right place.

At the end, Lola Cola, Robert’s girlfriend, says:”Nature delights in diversity. Why don’t human beings?” .The question is still open…WHY?

Lesbo Interrupts Gathering

Well, after the American elections and all the LGBT euphony due to the great changes and success of this, I came back to my average immigrant life in the great Capital.

Last Monday I ate ice cream and I don’t know why I felt an awful sharp pain in my tooth. I got panicked and I sent a message to my Swedish friend asking her if she knew a dentist. I’ve never seen a dentist in this country, just the fees scares me. So, she gave me the name of somebody and before booking for an appointment I checked if I was covered….and yes, I’am, the insurance company will pay 90% of the fees. When I called to the dentist, the receptionist told me just to look at my teeth will cost 120$…well, at least I’m covered.

Two days ago I got my second hormonal shot. Lupron Depot 3.75 mg. This thing is working. My period finished and the hot flashes typical of menopause women came to my body. It is not that hard but sometimes I feel my body is yo-yo heater. At the beginning was feeling kind of hot from the hips until the neck, sweating without doing much and drinking water inconsolably and then cold, very cold, I wasn’t sure what was happening. The doctor told me it was normal and gave some forms for my surgery. She read and explained all the stupid forms, at some point she gave a paper to sign, I said “Is this the paper that says if I die isn’t your fault?” “You won’t die” she replied and gave a little punch on my knee. She asked me where I was from and I said Peru. “Oh, my parents and my aunt are there right no” I said “Why they didn’t go to Cuba like anybody else?” After the shot I booked another appointment for my next and last shot in December.

Meanwhile, I received that day an email from Metro News saying I won a DVD “The Campaign” I decided to pick up the prize today knowing there was Lesbian gathering in my favorite restaurant in downtown. I was happy to win a prize but to be honest, my preferences in movies are far from this one but well, is a gift. When I got a realize that….is was Blue-ray….and I don’t have DVD player…and my laptop doesn’t read Blue-ray either…so…I just went to a Tim Horton’s looking my useless DVD…I drove from the office to downtown for that… unbelievable. I bought a Danish apple biscuit or something like that and the guy who served me saw the DVD, he said “By the way, a great movie”…I won’t see it I guess. I walked all downtown.  I was near of Justice Canada, a place where I work before and I decided to say hi to my ex boss. Of course, she didn’t answer the phone, too busy as usual, I just left a message …but she will never care.

It was almost 5pm and I went to The Buzz, the restaurant where this gathering was happening. It has been like 2 years I stopped going there. And I will tell you why I stopped after seeing what I saw there..again. I sat at the bar, then Sarah, the organizer came to say hi, in fact, I didn’t want to talk to her but well, as usual, she was hanging her drink, and she was already..a bit drunk, we exchanged like 5 words and then, she pulled a chair from the bar and went to sit in another table. One day she will pay that behavior  one day. She was talking to everybody and eating like a pork with manners. And there I was, sitting in the bar, the 3 barmen who saw me didn’t realize I was there. Beside me there was two retard girlish kids (because they were under 24), one with a big tattoo that the barman said “nice”….well, we don’t have the same definition of NICE.  Anyway, probably for a brainless girl is awesome to have a Persian carpet design on her arm. Then the barman, who I knew from the other gatherings talked to me. He gained a bit of weight and had a Mexican mustache, well, he’s Mexican. I asked in Spanish “Do you have a partner?” He said “yes…and we’re expecting a baby in March, we’re doing shopping of house in Kanata” I didn’t dare to ask him if his partner was gay because he’s very gay…well, I just replied “Desperate Housewife neighborhood” and he said “Suburgatory”.No comments. People changed, he changed, well, he lost even hair and now looks like St Anthony of Padua with a little hole on the top of his head. He told me who was the cheff tonight. They gave us kind a chicken meat ball, which despite I’m becoming more and more vegetarian at 90% I tried…tasteless, I felt the cumin taste but the salt…a bit heavy for the condiments. That was disappointing because usually the appetizers were really good. Past is past now.

I saw again and again the same phenomena, people and group and closed group so this time I wasn’t feeling like a satellite, or uncomfortable. I just asked for a tea (2.82$), and I decided that I had enough of this lesbo Ottawa attitude. I don’t know if is cultural or just they are pro to make  feel people you don’t belong there. I paid my bill and I left a tip, then Sarah came and saw my DVD that I pulled out from my Winter jacket. She said “good movie”. I didn’t want to talk her again, I just moved my head trying to say yes.

I left the place, not happy not sad, just indifferent and concerned why my cell phone didn’t work inside the restaurant. I walked like 8 blocks where I left the car. The parking from 3 to 6 pm cost 12$. For a DVD I won’t be able to watch, a tea that tasted a cotton bag tea and the lesbo atmosphere…no way…I decided I will never go back to those gathering and I won’t tolerate the erratic behavior of the organizer.

The gathering sucked but strangely… I feel fine and happy that I won’t go there anymore!!!

Lesbo International Up Date

Well, well, well, finally yesterday I had my second financial exam. I was in silence because I was studying and I did this test much better than the other but I don’t think I did a super one. Just before the exam I had a Cappuccino…bad idea, because I stop drinking coffee for months…I was a little hyperactive. When I finished I gave my exam to the teacher, he saw the sheets, made a gesture of feeling an Ex-Lax overdose was on his intestines…so, let’s see the results next week. When I left the room I called my Swedish friend, she called me back just when I was in front of the College bar, because I needed a beer. She invited me to her place and I drunk one and I ate some Tostitos, that was my dinner.

Last Tuesday happened many positive things. First, Obama was reelected. I was watching the news live on my laptop through a Spaniard website. At the beginning was awful seen the Romney was ahead…I got paralyzed…the medias said some other states were still voting and I wasn’t that optimistic about it. Even in my Facebook I wrote “OMG, OMG, OMG”. Well, some hours later I wrote again “God exist, Obama is president again”.I think the lesson of all this is how much scary and tight the results can be an election when everybody votes  when they seen Republicans can be closer to the White House. Sorry Chuck Norris, maybe next time.

But not only that was the great news of the week. I think what made me happy that day was that Tammy Baldwin was elected to Senate, she’s openly gay and ….from Wisconsin (that’s not cool, that’s a miracle!). And for ending the great news section of this blog, Maryland and Maine approved same-sex marriage….all in one day. My congratulations to all the intelligent people who voted and who support this change. Meanwhile, in the White Elephant’s land….Romney loses an average of 842 friends and likes on his Facebook….should I cry? Naaaaaa…where’s the vodka? Well, I don’t drink anymore…that’s is relative too.What I like of all this networks is they say all private things in public. Like people blaming Republican candidates on Twitter. Well, at least we see the real true on all this.

Here in Canada we had a relief to know Obamanation is still hanging there, I was very happy to see the LGBT little victories in some states popping up….I’m so glad this election made cry people…but they were crying for hope, change, new alternatives…and yes, everything is possible because when we want…we can.

Lesbo Winter Preparations

Yesterday I woke up at 6 am to talk to a good friend of mine who is in France through Skype. She was married with a kid and now she’s getting divorce after almost 5 years of some abusive and crazy relationship. My friend is not a saint either but anyways, she’s moving to Paris with her….girlfriend!!!  Yes, now she’s living a lesbo experience, she’s exited not necessary for living with her but for going to Paris. All her friends we know this is also an abusive, possessive, with aggressively control due to excessive jalousie. I’m kind of sad because I know that sort of relationship and she knows at some point her girlfriend is going to cheat on her for being with a man (her girlfriend wants a baby in the old fashion way), all my friends knows how’s this will finish…I saw her in eyes when she told me that, I saw the resignation but also the opportunity to leave her husband for something better. When I say better is an euphemism. Her girlfriend is so possessive that she calls her every 20 minutes to control her and know where she is or what she is doing, I’m not exaggerating, she calls constantly, checks when she’s online, she forbade her to use her own Facebook and Skype (we got a webcam only because this crazy woman was with her parents and busy with them but even when we were talking she phoned!!! And they talked for 5 minutes).

So, after talking for almost 40 minutes I left my apartment. It was cold and the windows were frozen. The windshield washer fluid I got it was still the Summer one remaining….and because I was late and I didn’t have any visibility …I used it….to clean the windows…bad, bad and bad idea…at the contact with the air it got frozen…I was able to see the snowflakes covering like in the fantasy movies…I put more and more and more fluid with the windshields moving up and down just to defrost …It wasn’t funny to drive to work like that. In my way back I decided to empty the fluid pushing more. It worked, I had few but it was empty so then I put the -40 fluid. But this morning, it was even colder; it was like -5 with wind -8. The remaining fluid in my window left a blue layer and I had to scrape it. In this situations ejecting the Winter fluid helps because won’t freeze quickly….my problem was one ejector was frozen and any liquid could get out, just the left side…enough for driving, the back window ejector didn’t work either but at least the electric lines on the back melted the snow layer…I got scared…but anyways, at lunch time I verified and because is “warm” enough, 2C, all ejectors work.

Also, my second Finance exam is coming next Monday, I started to study weeks ago. I had more motivation than before but in class I was the last one to leave the classroom and I just spoke a little to the teacher telling him the despite my last effort I got a low mark and that I was scared because in front of the exam I got petrified. He only said “I’m sure you’ll do better”…I said “I don’t know”…and I left…I must confess I’m scared, I can’t fail this time, I need in my final mark a B- to do the equivalence to the Ontario Accounting Association.

I’ll be quiet this week to prepare myself better. I just received an email from my boss…he’s asking for any suggestions where to have our Christmas party…I just realized we’re November 11th…Christmas is around the corner…too close..which means…surgery is coming up…and the insurance company is taking lots of time to reimburse me my first shot of 400$ and I have to buy the second shot next week.

5 MacBooks, 1 Hot Chocolate and 1 Single Lesbian

It was Caturday yesterday. I spent 2 hours more in bed, but my main duty of the day was to study for my second financial test. I spent almost all day reading, practicing and listening a bit of music.

I cooked for my week around at noon, it took me 2 hours to do everything, to spit the spinach in the fry pan, make chick peas and kattha loo (the potatoes Indian style). For some reason I didn’t have lunch, I just ate fruits and almonds, not very hungry lately. I knew at night there will be the Ottawa Drag Idol, a contest of new drag queens in town, I think started at 7pm. Once the apartment was totally clean, food ready, chapter 9 finished, I dressed, knowing the weather was cold, 2C, I wore my beautiful brown second hand jacket and my shirt….when I finished, I grabbed my keys and warmed up the car. Driving at night to downtown is not very exciting, first is almost empty second..if there is almost empty streets…why I can’f find parking on the street? Well, I went to free parking shopping center, I found a spot on the 2nd basement….it always warm there but when I went out in Queen St….damn…how much I regret to have chosen the leather jacket instead of my ski jacket. I walked like 6 blocks heading to the gay bar Swizzles. It was almost 6.30pm, this bar is another basement, small one, under a restaurant…I’ll be honest…despite is a miniature bar…I love it. Why? Well, in Peru in the 90’s going to a gay bar was a different experience. First, it was always underground, sometimes you need a password to repeat at the door. The security checked if you were really gay, it was always a commercial basement and dark. Going to Swizzles, descend those little downstairs beside a parking lot, to see how discrete can be this bar, remind me my old days in the third world. I heard I think was last year or the year before, there was an attack, somebody beat a travesty, I cannot say if it was a drag queen, but I remember the news. When I was walking Queen street, desert like my stomach or my pockets, I saw 2 construction guys, talking aloud…those guys scare me, call it prejudice, but those are the toughest. When I arrived it was 6.40pm, of course, there was nobody, I just saw the lights some adds on the wall and I climbed back those probably 10 steps. I thought it would be a good idea, since my body was frozen to grab something hot. I walked back and I decided to encourage a lesbian coffee shop. I went to Bridgehead.

By the way, who chose that name? what does it mean? Since English is not my mother tongue I always translate, so the meanings of bridgehead in (because I don’t have a paperback dictionary) says:

WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2012:

Principal Translations
bridgeheadn (military: captured area in enemy territory) cabeza de puenteloc nom f
bridgeheadn figurative (advantageous position from which to advance further) figurativo cabeza de puenteloc nom f

Well, original I should say, for a couple of lesbians who, as many lesbians I know, respect the environment, are in favor of fair-trade and vegetarianism, are now in advantageous position of making lots but lots of profit. I think they got several franchises in Ottawa. Also, this coffee shop is famous because coffee is excellent quality, fanciest than Starbucks and decoration is good, sober and lots of space since Starbucks is basically a microscopic space with 7 employees “working” doing not much….every Starbucks I go I found the same phenomena, little space, crowed and lots of employees. Bridgehead there’s always 2 people working.

So, the formula is : Cold weather+ empty stomach at 6.30 pm= Hot chocolate at square date. As I said before, they are fancy, they’re good so…they’re expensive as a logic result. For a small cup of hot chocolate and the desert was almost 6$. Yes, the price of fair-trade, not fair for me. Just at the entry they sell their mugs at almost 20$…yes, it must be organic. I bought one at the second hand store for 1$, I liked the logo and at the time I was a coffee addicted, I wanted my own collection!!!

I chose a place in front of the window. When I looked back, at the time I sat, there were 5 people alone, writing or listening something on their MacBooks, half of them with student look and two older ones. There was a young girl reading a Lonely travel book writing her possible destinations. I just saw 2 couples, one hetero and two girlish girls (apparently brainless) talking and laughing, specially laughing, the rest we were alone drinking our options and playing with our phones.

The chocolate wasn’t that spectacular and it wasn’t that sweet, the square date was good, it made a good balance. The view from my window was nice, looking the few cars at Bank St, seeing people stretching their coats because of the weather and me, drinking peacefully my hot chocolate that I finished in less than 5 minutes. A third hetero couple came. I was thinking how comfortable I was feeling, despite being alone, that it was a good idea to go out after so many formulas and after all, independence is nice when you got money to spend. Usually I wouldn’t 6$ for few things.

The young traveler left, one MacBook girl left too, there was a guy reading a book at my left, and a man playing with his Iphone. So many solitudes in a large space. The only thing missing was Eric Clapton playing unplugged songs.  This was time to go home. While walking back to the parking I pulled out my old Samsung MP3, ( I rediscovered that not long time ago) and I was listening to PJ Harvey from the album “Let England Shake”, listening “The words that maketh  it murderer”, so sad that she didn’t wont the Brits Awards, the best political and anti-establishment album made in years…of course, that’s why Adele won all the prices that year…sad, love songs are more powerful than reality, the reality nobody wants to listen to.

At home, I got 3 movies options…”Iron Man”, “Fish Tank” and “Fish Out of Water”not the best but those where the things available at the library. Well, Iron Man, not that bad…not that good either, I wasted 2 hours but well, know I know better since last year I saw Iron Man 2. Then I chose to watch “Fish Out of Water” or how Catholic religion uses the famous Sodomah and Gomorrah to ostracized gays and send them to hell (while in the Bible says eating shrimps is abomination). Well, some Republicans shouldn’t follow to the letter. I haven’t finished the movie but it’s good how dogmas uses some parts of religious paragraphs to rule and say what’s good or not. At their own convenience.

Sunday morning in Ottawa at 1C, inside 25C…warm at home, finally starting to feeling home, with a cup of lemon tea and Eric Clapton at the background.