The Lesbian and The Drag Show at College

Well, after some hours that New York became Atlantis I had some things to do. Yesterday It was almost 8pm, and I left home to go to college not for studying but for my first drag show. I went to the Drag Idol show 2 years in a small discotheque in downtown and I loved it, so I wanted to repeat the experience …again, my anthropological instinct was bigger than my sense of entertainment.

I was nervous while I was driving to the college, despite I studied hours before the event, I feel nervous and nervous, “how’s going to be the next exam?”” I have to perform”,” I need a high mark”, “why am I so aggressive lately?”, “why I want to isolate myself?”,” Why I need to public spaces without being disturbed by somebody?”,” Why I don’t want company despite my all solitude?” All those questions and more ideas where on my mind listening Placebo “Without you I’m nothing” , so many good semi-dark songs, so actual despite it was launched in 1998. I’m from the 90, not question about it.

At the parking I saw a little car and charged with tons of stuff in the back seat…I thought…”Oh! A drag queen must be coming here!” I wasn’t wrong. When I was going to the “Observatory”, the name of the College bar, I saw a tall drag queen and a short fatty girl carrying a giant black suitcase, of course, if you thought she was preparing for an overseas trip judging for the size of suitcase the drag’s clothes where there. She was dressed like a Hansel and Gretel character but she changed her clothes several times inside the bar. I arrived first at the bar, the drag couldn’t walk fast for the high heals I guess. I was expecting a huge line up but there was like 5 people and I went first because I got my ticket already in my hands…and the guy the security guy asked me for my ID…come on!!! Doesn’t look like I’m 38? Well, I don’t look it like, good for me.

At 8.30 the bar was kind of empty; I took a table of 4 at the front. The population was very very very young, under 24, plus full of women. They are more supportive with gay men, and I wasn’t wrong, too many girls I should say. The music was ok, the DJ was dressed like a bee. The time was passing and more people were coming, in groups, at some point, all tables were full but mine. Was I that intimidate? Just minutes before the show a girl asked if she could take a chair of my table, I said ok but then suddenly her friends sat on my table. We didn’t talk. I was checking the people, the ambiance; it was seeing some scenes of pariah. Dykes and butches sitting in tables with hot chicks, how do they do it? What’s their sex appeal? Since this a student bar, that means, nobody has money enough, so no waiters to bugging for drinks, you just sit and enjoy the event…4$, student price.

The drag queens came to stage, Zelda, a drag dinosaur in Ottawa and Crystal. They were very funny and with the expected typical bitch sense of humour. What I liked the most was the first way to discover the auditory. She said “let’s do our survey…how many lesbians are there here?, rise your hands” I think there were like 3 hands from a full house, of course there were many including me who didn’t rise any finger…then she said “Are you fucking kidding me? Just that?” Zelda replied “the rest in on the closet” Big laughs…and even if it was a joke it was true. I saw a couple of dykes who didn’t feel comfortable and left the show earlier. The drag queens asked to public to drink more, in that way public could see them totally gorgeous. Then she asked “how many straight people are here?” A big yell in the bar…she said “Are you proud of being straight?, seriously?” More laughs. Crystal is a former college student, photography and journalism, but I really doubt she works in that field.

I considered the event more like talent show, there was a current student from Business Administration, she seemed nervous to hell, but again, the syndrome of girls, girls, girls classmates helped her to endure. She had a little noisy group rooting for her. She seemed stiff at the beginning but in her last performance she felt more comfortable, or probably she was already drunk, whatever was first. Crystal performed “I will survive”. The Capital Kings, drag kings were present. The first drag king performed and danced with a couple of girls sitting on the first line, she seemed so awkward and clueless, the second girl with she danced with, was more into it and comfortable to dance. The drag kings performed one group act. They got a huge ovation. Then, there was a break, a drag king was giving away some flyers to all girls in the front, she ignored and didn’t give anything…I can’t believe it. That bastard ignored me. Why? I’m a such handsome boy!!! Or tomboy. Whatever, it disturbed me but what can I say. That king should put his crown in his…you know where. While other performances where on stage, this king was dancing and moving in his own universe, of course, the idea was people looked at him, which it worked on the first line, girls where twisting their heads to look. Anyway. The thing ended at 11pm. I was kind of sleepy…instead to have fun I did more urban drag anthropology and even I felt kind of down…this time not because I was alone, I wanted to be alone, and I didn’t understand the way dykes are with another dykes..I found the straight girls more condescending but I don’t have that kind of friends…while I was in the car listening Placebo’s song “Every you and every me” I thought I’m building this time higher wall to protect me but not necessarily thicker.

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