Lesbo Carving Pumpkins Before Mammoth Storm

This weekend has been very busy. Last Friday there was a comedy charity event organized but my Swedish friend. I spent 35$ and I knew the show wouldn’t be that funny…and I was right. Three performers, one from Nicaragua, acceptable, a guy who has a tv show that obviously I don’t watch it and I even forgot his name: boring….and the last one, a good girl comedian from Ottawa…I liked her a lot, we shake hands after the shows and she was selling a fridge magnet for 10$ as souvenir…no way…it seems comedians are not well paid here in Canada…well, if they earn something for something that boring, I see why magnets are so expensive.

Saturday I was studying for my second finance exam, this time I’m more enthusiastic and more concentrated. Well, I got no choice, I need a high mark this time no matter what. But that morning I went to the library again and in its second hand store I couldn’t, I swear, I couldn’t help myself to buy more cd’s. This time I bought nice stuff like U2 “Under a blood red sky” and “Rattle and hum”, Blur “Parklife”, Placebo “Without you I’m nothing”, OST of 8 Miles (Eminem), Green Day “Greatest hits”, Oasis “Be here now”, Weezer, the green album, Gorillaz, the debut album, Garbage “G”, Lenny Kravitz “Greatest hits” and another mistake, a bought Blues Travelers thinking it was Traveling Wilburys. Anyway, I should stop buying cd’s but this compulsion is stronger than myself.

Yesterday night, the weather network said a big mammoth storm will hit Ontario. After heard an earthquake shake some island in British Columbia and a tsunami will hit Hawaii…you ask yourself what’s the name of this movie? Apocalypses Now? Anyways, I don’t know how Republicans can deny the global warming (they call it climate change…they can be so wordy crap!). This morning was just chilly and a bit dark but a colleague from work invited me to do pumpkin carving…my very first experience despite I’ve been here in Canada for so long. Her son was before I arrived, he made the portrait of Bane, the character of one of the Batman’s movie, very neat job. He just left minutes later. This guy of 24 years old has his own business and earns more money than her mother with a master degree. She bought some medium size pumpkins and I start this dirty experience. First, you have to cut the top, big enough for your hand be able to scoop the interior. I did a pentagon on the top and the smell was so ugly….yuck, so glad I don’t like hunting because when I scooped I thought I was dressing an animal….aghhhh. Then, you have to scoop again in order the pumpkin skin be thin and easy to carve. My colleague print the cat from Shreck. I put the pattern and I fixed with scotch tape and then I punched with a sharp thing, I just did some dots, after I joined the dots with a pen and first part ready. I brought my Sting cd “All this time” so jazzy and was the soundtrack of this adventure…it was nice talking, carving, eating some pumpkin roasted seeds and drinking tea with her.

I used some carving tools she provided me and after some minutes the final result was interesting.For being my first time, I did a good job. It’s funny because at the beginning I wasn’t sure where I was going to do or what the result would be or what was going on the pumpkin skin. Too many things to do for the very first time. I carved with some little saws I was trying to do the best I could…the result you can see it now. So cute…and I wanted a cat…I almost cut one eye by mistake but I put a couple of needles to hold it because it was too delicate carving in some places. I was so happy of my pumpkin. I took some pictures, we put some tea lights and was just amazing. I felt so enthusiastic that I decided to do another one, more complex…and I was just exhausted but I did it. Before that, my colleague was drawing her design, a plant or something, using a drill and talking and talking. She made a ghost before, cute and simple, I think she bought like 8 pumpkins. She didn’t buy chocolates or candies, just little chips bags. She got tired easily.

She didn’t finish anything but she was cooking frozen pizza for dinner, she invited me some mini tomatoes and we continue to drink more tea. I cleaned the kitchen and I continued to carving the tiger…so hard, because so many thin lines plus, at the end, I had to put vaseline to preserve it since Halloween is in 3 days. The tiger was just fine, I think I did something to his eye but anyways, I’m far from being a pro but for a beginner is a good job.

I ate so much crap at her place…I ate pizza, chips, tea, chocolates…yuck, I feel my stomach had a suicidal coctel more than snacks. I left her place just a couple of hours ago. The street is full of maple yellow leaves and people don’t collect them yet because they’re waiting all leaves drop and make that mess big enough to fill up giant brown bags. It was nice to see the contrast between the yellow and the dark night. I told her many time how grateful I was of this experience, I had a lot of fun…she insisted to take the pumpkins with me but I preferred she kept them because she has a garden and balcony cold enough to resist until Wednesday, here at my apartment is to warm, plus my cat will play with the pumpkin. I visit her next week to see the final decoration of her place…a lesbo carving went really great…next year will be even more fun.


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