The Lesbian and The Handicapped Turkey

Canadian Thanksgiving was yesterday. When I was living in Montreal, this day was another “Anglo” day off, no celebrations among Quebecers but it was well received since a long weekend in granted. Now I see it with different eyes from the Anglo side.

Last time I was in my physiotherapy I asked Sarah if she had any activity for this day. She told me she would celebrate with his boyfriend’s family, in fact, she got 2 turkeys, 1 from work and another she bought, his boyfriend didn’t want to give up the extra one. I asked her, “Do you know in Quebec side you can ask for handicapped turkeys?”? “What’s that?” She said. “It’s a turkey with one or 3 legs or one arm”. Yes, in some stores, you can find it. Once, a college of mine told me “if you have a family of 5 you’ll always look for a handicapped turkey”. Well, I changed my diet lately, I’m becoming more vegetarian or reducing my white meat consummation in 10%, in fact, I don’t eat red meat or chicken, just fish.

I was invited to my Swedish friend’s place for this special day, I told her I was glad to be invited, she said “it’s time you meet the family” Glup!!! Well, apparently she talks to her daughters about me, which is nice. I bought a bottle of wine, that we didn’t drink, I said to my cat I’d be late, I dressed a bit formal, something like going to work (basically all my clothes that I bought in the second hand store). She lives like 5 minutes where I live. I parked the car and my friend greeted me…I saw another blonde skinny woman (later that night I discovered she has gluten sensitivity and fought skin cancer) who came to say hi as well. This was Dawna, her famous daughter. Famous at least on You Tube because she gives coaching speeches and some of her performances are online. I was happy to meet her because my friend talks all the time about her. Later, her other daughter and husband arrived. She is different from her sister. Marina is full of sense of humor while Dawna is classy and takes care the way she speaks. Marina is married a couple of years (second marriage) and they were kissing each other, with the look of love on their eyes. I was surprised to see so much happiness in a couple; they’re in their early forties. her husband told me they wanted to go to Peru, to the Macchu Picchu. This guy was so friendly, I liked him a lot. Then, Ed, a retired doctor, almost 90 years old, came. I met him before, he has an amazing sense of humour, but the true is after listening to him speaking and speaking and speaking again…he took a lot place telling his stories when he was in New Foundland, in Sweden and some other parts of Europe. Finally, Tom, arrived. My Swedish friend has a boyfriend, Tom is his second child. He was so shy …worse than me. He barely spoke all night. We tried a Canadian wine…I took a wine tasting course…and Canadian ones are infamous for its high acidity level…this wine, wasn’t the exception, I almost got a immediately headache. We have an amazing turkey (better than I had last year with my elderly lesbo friends).  I ate something strange with my turkey…it was the stuffing. It was good and I didn’t realize my friend put the turkey’s liver on it. But is true, it was delicious, then we had dessert because Marina’s birthday was 2 days ago, the cake was an ice cream one. I sacrificed myself, I skipped my vegetarian diet and I enjoyed.

Today Tuesday, I went to the office as usual. I checked my insurance company health claims…I reached the limit coverage for my physio…I reached the 500$, now, I won’t be reimbursed at least if I made another 500$…I was in shock…then I thought I have to pay for my shot of 400$. I got nervous since I verified my coverage but there is no limited indicated. Will it be covered the 3 shots? Tomorrow I’m going to buy it, of course with my credit card. Now, I’m thinking all way I can save more money. Last Summer, I took 2 courses, I asked to be reimbursed at work, I haven’t hear anything about it yet.  I paid the Finance course too with credit card and now the shot. The total will reach 1200$, not that bad but is going out of control in such short time period.

In Thanksgiving, people should be thankful…when I discovered all this I was concerned…the memory of turkey taste disappeared from my mind, it was a wonderful souvenir what I experienced yesterday…and when I checked my email as work, my therapist sent me a little message” Thankful you are in my lfe”…I felt crashed for that phrase, I almost cried…for a moment I thought she sent the message to the wrong person. I read it and read it and reread it again and again…did she say that to me? What should I reply? I’m still happy and sad, because I don’t what to say. She is like a mother I never have but I know she is not, and I know she will never be my friend either, which leave me with the sensation “you’re there but not”…


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