Anthropo-Ethnological Shopping Therapy

This morning I just opened the fridge, I picked up my lunch Tupperware, a fruit, I weighted myself (57kg, I lost weight) I took my bag and I gave a kiss to my cat. This is the way how this Friday started.

I drove to the office at 5C, Ottawa is chilly these mornings, I never paid attention in one corner of the building where people cross, I swear I didn’t see the woman dressed in white, but she was upset (with reason) the short I stopped at the stop sign. Well, I can’t make anybody happy lately. I went to my office, I took off my lunch and…OMG, wrong Tupperware, I got all the Quinoa leftovers, my tuna lunch is still in the fridge.Then,  I decided to print a picture of my cat (technicolor), in the pic, my cat is sitting on a white chair and on the top, there’s a scarf that says “Sens Army”. My boss noticed when he arrived (at noon), knowing he would be late this morning, and since the office is pretty quite I did some interesting things.

I read chapter 5 powerpoint slides the teacher gave us last Wednesday, all related to Book Values, Future Value, Interest per Year and learning how to use my financial calculator….awful formulas. I sent an email to the person in charge of program Forensic Accounting, asking him if despite I doing part-time accounting studies I can take 1 course this Winter (apparently you need a degree and have experience auditing). I’m waiting for his answer. I went to the Thriftstore  last time I was on Tuesday but I read the poster saying today was 50% off in everything. My target was the cd collection. I bought Lenny Kravitz “5”, White Zombie “La Sexorcisto”, Batman & Robin OST, Hole “Live through This”, The Verve “Urban Hymns”, Primal Scream “Evil Heat”, Radiohead “Pablo Honey” a latino classic Control Machete “Mucho Barato” where includes the super hit “Comprendes Mendes” and some others. The parking was full and inside the store full of immigrants, kids and many others. There were differences in this shopping 50% off population. Immigrants with kids usually bought clothes in good shape or new, Canadians were carrying cart full of things they probably don’t need like boxes, decor porcelain stuff, jars, margarita cups. Some Canadian mothers were buying clothes too but mixed with toys and kids’ books. The line ups were long, (I spent almost 30min there). In front of me, a mother and her kid were waiting, the kid of about 9 years old was not looking but starring at me. Why? Why always kids look at me like 2.0 version of ET? There was a moment I was tired of his killer look that I said in Spanish “what?” He just didn’t understand (that was the idea) and turned his face, but then, seconds later, he was hiding his look and was still looking at me…I know I’m handsome but not that much.I left just in a rush, since it was almost 11.30am.

I took my grocery list and in fact, I did my shopping without forgetting to take the list with me. However (yes, however), I forgot to buy lettuce even if was written I wasn’t able to read it…..damn…. at the parking lot, just leaving, I put reversed and I didn’t noticed there was already another car trying to leave, and another on the opposite side, and other in the back trying to leave their spots….I almost hit the car beside me, just in time…ouffffff, accidents happen more often in parking lots than in highways. I came back to the office and I ate my almost everything of my Quinoa lunch….too much proteins…scared of consequences now.

It’s 12.27, almost 1pm, I have still a couple of hours before heading my physio again. I’m using a tape on my knee, I feel like a rag doll. I hope Sarah gives the ok just for going 1 per week.


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