Pseudo Lesbo Physio

It’s almost 2 months I’m going to physio, so far, I’m doing progress but I can’t say I totally recovered or 100% healed. The kneecap is moving so, my knee has pain not because of the torn ligament, which we guess it’s healed, but because the friction of some bones. I left the physio with the pseudo Hawaiian guy, who in fact was from Philippines, also, his office was under renovations and it has awful been treated there.Literally it seemed like the place was bombed. No space, noise, all the equipment and machines were upside down, wires, contractors and several patients, this entire crowd in a little space available. This guy is a good physiotherapist but he has so many clients and he became too mechanic, same routine, no changes and when he took some days off, when I had appointments with him I met my new physiotherapist: Sara.

Sara came one of those days and I looked at her with that look of….”that young little girl, does she know what a torn ligament is?” Well, I thought that because she’s also blond and cute but anyways, I was wrong. It was funny and awkward at the beginning. No woman has touched me, in fact, not many people has touched me, just my therapist with her warm big hugs (it happened 4 times), my Swedish friend, with her granny loving hugs (it happened twice). No human touch as this Canadian society restricts that kind of contact to family and friends. Me?, no family no friends. So Sara came, spoke to me about my knee, I explained how happened and then, she touched my knee, twisted a bit, did different things like the other guy, in some moment she pushed my knee against her breast….what did I feel? Not much. Honestly, a bit sad I guess, that such a wonderful personal trying to fix my screwed knee. She’s talkative, good sense of humour, and knows what she does. I think what surprised the most was she made me feel a special patient, the one and only there, a personal treatment and explained me with details, with graphics, with books, what my knee was having…impressive, isn’t it? I know not many people does it. So, since that time I chose her as my new physiotherapist.

It’s has been like 4 times I’ve been doing the treatment. Last time, she put some tape on the knee cap and the sensation of pain almost disappears. Apparently, the knee is learning how to go back as before the lesion. And every time I go there, I speak more, timidly because my English is rusty and because I’m not used to talk. I’ve been isolated and self-isolated that become social is a hard task to me, I mean it.

Yesterday, while she was crunching my leg, for distending my muscles, she was talking about her little town where she was born, in fact, she was from the QC side but Anglophone. She also had a knee injured, in fact, she injured another part of her body and that was the reason she became physiotherapist, she wanted to save knees! Not kidding, she went to school for 6 years, she talked to me about her school loan etc. I noticed she was wearing 2 rings…fiancée? I asked her if she was getting married, she said “Next June I’m getting married” “And who’s the lucky guy?” I said. “His name is Robert and we met at school”. That was nice. I thought the reason I went to College was also to meet people but…I had no luck with that part. Probably I would have more chances to build friendship if I study full time but that is not an option…I need to pay my bills and I know in full time studies I’ll cost more, plus, it’s full of kids, real kids and some retards. I told her about my hysterectomy surgery, I let her touch my belly because I talked to her about my Osteopath who discovered the fibroid. I put her hand on my abdomen and made her feel that lump there. She was surprised because not many fibroid can be felt in the surface. She said it was compact, and it is, it’s like a baby without kicking. Then, she felt comfortable to touch it without my guidance. She’s a smart girl, and I know she want to be sharp with her knowledge about the human body, I was glad to teach her something else. Then, she asked where I was from and what was my mother tongue. So nice to talk to somebody, so good to feel you’re listened, so great when somebody is curious about you.

I’m beginning to have another friend-therapist. It’s true. If the idea of school, as a place where you can meet people, develop friendship, be in contact with some many different groups, the only space I got, was the space of one. With my therapist and now with my physiotherapist. People who really need to know who you’re and what you’re problems are or how the affect you. Something that in Canadian friendship can take long time. I feel I skipped those steps with them, however, they’re not my friends. In the meantime, this a palliative of friends for me.

Sara tapped my knee again, she suggested continuing my exercises and I got her ok for going to the Gym. The Gym? Yes, there is one in front of the office, a cheap one, so I think I should start in October. It was nice to have a pseudo girly talk. Robert is such a lucky guy.


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