Caturday in Ottawa

It’s another Caturday or Saturday in Ottawa. It’s has been raining almost all week and last week. Summer is officially gone and I’m ready for a small balance of that awful season.

I don’t know you guys but in Summer all services are dead. So if you need information about things, the responsible or contact person is on vacation. Ottawa is not the exception. I moved, I left the Poutine Province, I found a “cheap” car insurance for 1100$ per year, I changed all my information, credit card, provincial, federal taxes, health care, driving license, hydro, I got a family doctor, I got a ligament almost healed, and a big surgery scheduled for next year. Moving was the hard part since looking for a nice and affordable (because the word cheap doesn’t exist in Ottawa) took all my time and energies. Tons and tons of papers, I was taking 2 courses at college so I was busy, no fun time, budget was tight because of the moving, no activities apart from that, chatting with my friends in France, no friends in Ottawa yet, not idea who my neighbors are in this small building but there’re several resident cats here. After my courses were finished I had like 3 weeks off of studies and I didn’t do anything that Canadians call “fun in Summer”. However, after seen the butcher or pseudo gynecologist, I decided to live, which means spend money and do social life with real sectarians groups in town. The sensation of feeling outsider is still there, but at least, this time I’m trying to go out, despite I can’t stay awake so late and despite the sensation to be old is always present.

I started a new obsession after seen the movie “Forks over knives” and I’m out of coffee for almost 4 weeks, 0 red meat, 10% of chicken and tuna as much as I can eat when I want to change taste of food. With that diet I lost some kilos, I want to lose weight before starting the shot that will induce me my artificial menopause. The bunny diet, so far, good.

Against odds, I took another course at college, Finance I, the teacher is just weird in all senses. He has a MBA but if all MBA graduates are like this, finance crises will come faster than we imagine. Anyways, I got hope my Summer courses will be reimbursed at work. I stopped visiting that site Plenty of Fish, the lesbo meat market was just discouraging until paroxysm. I don’t know where I could find friends. Since my knee is healing I’m planning, if everything goes well, go to the gym in October, burn some calories, fortified some invisible muscles and continuing my crazy obsessions.

As every weekend, I went to my favorite second hand store. I found The Black Crowes ” Shake your money maker” and ” The southern harmony and musical companion”. And today, in the Ottawa side, I found in the other second hand store some jewels like the soundtrack of Trainspotting, Mettalica “Load”, Nirvana “MTV unplugged” and interesting cd of Kiri Te Kanawa, despite the name sounds Japanese she’s from New Zeland. I didn’t know that country has a long tradition of sopranos singers who came from Maori tribes. In that cd she sings aboriginal songs, very cool. That reminded me that movie “The Whale Rider” about a Maori little girl who became , despite the gender division in tribal groups, be leader in the town. A budget film but very well done, watch it please. And after that visit, I went to the library. I noticed there’s another small second hand store, and guess what I found? Jesus Jones “Perverse” and a 90’s compilation. But what shocked me the most is I found a Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation, 2006 edition for….1$!!!! That book is expensive even as an old edition. The 2010 edition is required for Forensic Accounting certificate at the same college I go, I was planning to take 1 course next year, everything is online, I bought it because I wanted to read and know more about the subject….for that price….I can’t believe it. There are some nice surprises in those stores.

My cat is sleeping in her chair, beside me. The rain stopped….city outside my window looks not that bad…a perfect Caturday.


One thought on “Caturday in Ottawa

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