The Queen Madonna and Her Queers

I bought my Madonna ticket in February this year. I took me like 3 hours be able to buy one. I paid like almost 200$. The night seemed perfect for the concert except….some little details.

Yesterday, at lunch time, I decided to go to the pharmacy and ask about the price the shot I need for my surgery. Guess the price. They told me 475.20$, for 1 shot and I need 3. So…my heart stopped beating. I ask the pharmacist if there was a generic medication for this Lupron Dupot 3.75mg. I made a call to another pharmacy the quote was 411$, and I called another one who wasn’t able to provide the price and I wanted to kill her because she didn’t know how to look in the system without prepare a form. I spoke to my boss about the surgery to be performed in January 21st and the possibility to be out for 3 weeks (despite the butcher, I mean the gynecologist said 5), he seemed ok but not that happy, my contract will finish next March. I left the office earlier to see my Osteopath and after cracking my neck and vertebral column I left his office at 4.30pm.

I took the highway, thing I don’t do that often since I don’t have any purpose to take it but at that hour cars were almost bumper to bumper.There I reached 90,000km in my car (a second card that I bought with 70,000) I drove for 30 min and I left the car at the Terry Fox park & ride station in Kanata, an Ottawa suburb area, expensive houses and the dreamed life for the middle public servant employee in the capital. Too scary if you ask for my opinion, too uniformed, too clean, too politically correct but….too right. When I checked Google maps, looking for a parking spot I found there were so many Christian, Pentecostal  Jehovah witness churches and many other in that area. A gay teenager committed suicide last year victim or bullying in that area. It was creepy when I was sitting at the bus station waiting for the bus. The arriving buses showed me the demographic population. Not many black people, few Indians and no latinos. Of course, not anybody can afford to buy a house there for over 400 or 500 thousand.

Anyway, after talking with a very friendly customer representative of OC transport telling me what bus to take for going to ScotiaBank Arena, where Madonna should perform, my bus 96 picked me up. The driver, a funny friendly guy explained the route and I told him “Madonna concert tonight!” and he said “a friend of mine won VIP ticket in Montreal for the concert here, what a lucky guy, enjoy the concert”. I have never been in that Arena before, I went to Bell Center Arena in Montreal but I got the impression this one in Ottawa was smaller. It was almost 6pm, some limousines and VIP people, over their 40’s were having dinner and drinking. I found the door! that was a big thing because I was following some guys and they were employees of fast food in the arena. I went inside and there was a little line up. Merchandise on sale were in the front, T-shirts at 40$, bags at 60$, little hats at 20$ and some t-shirts of Paul Oakenfold, what? him? what for? why? Well, I didn’t buy anything, it was funny not to have found her last cd on sale.

There were so many gay people in the line up. Inside I realize they were the VIP. I saw few lesbian couples, straight couples, people dressed like if they were going to the Comicon because were disguised like Madonna in the 80’s, people in their 40’s. I think I liked the concert because all the fans were Madonna’s age. I saw even people in their 60’s. Few young among us…that was nice! The younger ones were dressed or cross dressed as they were going to a Prom party. I reached my seat at 7.15pm…I was almost behind the stage. I was a bit disappointed but some other were far than I was. I was in the corner and on my left there was a big screen so it wasn’t that bad, but the show were for those who paid more than 300$. The equipment and background was very professional. Lots of crew members and security were very helpful and took care of everything like cleaning the stage for performers, dancers and the Queen. The kind of catwalk made a triangle shape space, those were the high VIP. The gay group who was waiting in line up with me where all there.

The show should have started at 8.00pm but at 8.30 lights lighted off. A woman voice said to give a warm welcome to…..Paul Oakenfold. The British DJ, who was wearing a T-shirt of the UK Olympic Logo. I got a CD from him. I was surprised and now I understood why were t-shirts of him on sale !!! He mixed interesting music, from Killers, to Rolling Stones, Eurythmics. The style was kind of eclectic.I prefer Tiesto but it was ok. He tried to make dance to people, since the arena had a little space for people on the floor, it was difficult to dance without not touching your chair or somebody in front of you. He played until 10.15pm.

At 10.30pm the Queen showed up. It started with the simulation of the Santiago the Compostela final mess.Watch the movie “The Way” the final scene looks like the beginning of the show. A giant incense burner pulled by several monks. Madonna on her knees in the confessional booth, making the cross sign and then…The Queen…dressed in black (since I was in almost back stage she came behind in a little bike!!!).

I heard she played in Montreal for just 1 hour and that she was late, here she played 1.30h, big hits, my favorite was Vogue….so elegant, refined…. She was dancing like a teenager. In fact, I saw her tired, her eyes looked like that. When she played the guitar (she did that like 4 times) she had time to rest. For the rest, she danced and performed incredible well for somebody of 54, the synchronicity in the  choreographic moves was incredible. I loved the first one where she shots everyone. She said she was glad to be back in Canada again. She gave a kind of little speech, she asked for nationalities to finally add we are just one family. In other song, there were drummers pulled with strings, there were like 6 flying. There was another performance of dancers they looked as if they were cracking their bones, wearing anti-gas masks.

At some point, with the song Erotic, she took off her clothes and there was a message saying “No Fear” she screamed “this is the most dangerous word”. I was taking pics and I recorded a small video with my camera. She performed with mirrors, there were columns going up and down. Some dancers were dancing on cords, 100% perfect. It was a very beautiful show.

I saw Madonna, I can die in peace now.


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