Gaybash and The Cirque Bizarre

The Gay Pride started. Well, started like 1 week ago but I just decided to go to see The cirque bizarre, a burlesque group from Ottawa at the same time, DJ Caswell, from NY would play that night. And that night was yesterday.

In my mind, or logically speaking, I thought the Cirque would perform at some point at night. I arrived almost 10pm. The bouncer a butch and a guy were on the front, I asked the butch if I could buy ticket right now, she said it was ok. It’s incredible, how this kind of discomfort between dykes butches happens….unbelievable…avoiding looks . One of the girls disguised with a hat and what I thought was underwear shouting through my ear 15$. Yes, the party what that noisy, the decibels could have killed any bacteria around. There weren’t many people, of course, it was early but I’m not younger anymore I wake up for going to work at 6am. All people were around 25 and even younger. The are was like a weird square, so, they decided to put like 2 bars one in front of the other and in between, tables and chairs. In the front, a small space for dancing, the scenario where the turntable was and some portable toilets in one side. There was also a mini giant scream projecting some images of black people swinging, extracts of movies of 70’s, where girls style Victoria Principal or Rachel Wells in leotards, were doing aerobic choreographic dancing. At some point, there were extracts of porno movies of 70’s. Can you imagine the code dress? Can you guess what kind of gay profile were in the party?….yes, DJ Caswell and his crew from NY love Americal Apparel style. At moment of night what I noticed the most was the high quantity of crew from Montreal and NY were there. I mean, at some point more than people who bought actually tickets for the event.

When I arrived there was DJ female that I don’t know her name and I don’t want to know it either. Her style was techno cheap, some tunes with cumbia style, reggaton, ok, she was latino I guess. Awful for me, I prefer DJ Tiesto. Some Caswell crew went to the scenario, rolling on the floor, open her legs obviously in a sexual position. Most of their crew were wearing heels, dancing was challenging but funny. When I was looking at this, there were just one gay couple, 3 women, a butch…all young. I must admit I went a bit formal, I had the look I left the office after have seen the Assistant Deputy Minister. Well, I looked fashion. And I was dying to see the Cirque Bizarre performance.

I was sitting in the couch that looked like a big red lips, very comfortable, there were two other couches high- heels-shoes look like. It was also like a photo studio. The photographer was on wheelchair. Small, long hair and skinny. He had a Nikon super pro camera. His assistant, and older guy, were moving the lamps and flashes.

I’m still listening that DJ female and her horrible set, that reminded me Morrissey and that part of his song “hang the DJ, hang the DJ”,  I really wanted to hang her . When I was looking at the stage, photoman came to talk to me “how are you? are you having fun?” I found this nice of him. I introduce myself shouting and he showed me his pictures. He’s name is Steve and is a freelance photographer…I think if I get married I’m going to hire him, he’s bloody good. I saw his pictures and photo compositions, man, he’s a pro. He was dancing too despite the wheelchair.

One assistant got totally naked, photoman took picture of him and his friends. Also, some Caswell crew came to take pictures. Funny the way they dress also, full body tattooed. A second DJ went to stage, this time music was decent. More people were dancing, more people arrived, more young people, few young girls coming.

I have forgotten how kinky people can be in the gay environment. I saw a young guy with an older bear, another guy caressing his friend’s butts. You can imagine when they started dancing. I was dancing a bit it’s just with my knee injured I felt my feet were glued on the ground.

At 1 am, finally, Cazwell appeared. His started very powerful but then like 15 secs of silence, there was a technical problem, music came back after. It was great and it was time to go to bed. I was tired and I had to walk like 10 min to get to parking. But tomorrow is gay pride march, so let’s see what happens this time….I don’t thing the love of my life is or will be in a improvised disco space. And I hope she likes DJ Tiesto.