Painful Physio

Yesterday was my first physio assessment. My Swedish friend recommended me this place and this guy. When I arrived to the place it was a war zone. They were doing renovations which made see things smaller, dirtier and chaotic. The receptionist wasn’t that friendly as many other I bumped in Ottawa. Am I complaining about the customer service here in 613 region? Of course, until now I haven’t found a nice one.

If you have seen those war movies where there are several beds, one after other, with a hallway created for the bed separations, people moving machines between them and trying to cross at the same time, obviously, without success….that is clinic I went.

The Dr or Physiotherapist looked more like a Hawaiian guy than Philippine one. A bit taller than me and fatty but muscles in his legs, with blond fake hair and hyper talkative.  My Swedish friend was the person who told me he was Philippine, but anyways there I was, in a third-world-look-like centre.

I have to wait like 15 min. and finally came. He checked my both knees. I got a condition. I got flexible joints, like the contortionist, which is not very normal and not very helpful when you get older. I explained I hear a crack on my right knee side but eventually the pain moved to the other side. He said the fluids inside the knee moves and the sensation of pain can move as well. He found that knee a bit loose compared with the left one. He also said seemed like a ligament was torn but that I have to wait for the MRI. Probably a sport medicine doctor should take another look. Since I got this flexibility condition is hard to say if the ligament is torn or if could be heal only with physio. But even with an operation, I need to exercise my squads muscles in order to prepare me for the surgery. The Dr. was showing me his knee, 4 surgeries on the same knee, he looked proud, like a soldier showing his war scars. He said he didn’t feel any pain at all. The scars were small ones, between 4 and 7 cm.

I did some exercises with a ball, with a rubber cord, with a machine, on the floor, against the wall and so on. And believe me I felt like an elderly old chick. I felt exhausted. I realize I can do those exercises and more at home but also at the gym. I great opportunity to go, I’ve been procrastinating this idea for…years. I wish I could grab my bike but I’m still scared of doing more damage than other thing.

I left the place a bit discouraged. The possibility of another surgery and now, been totally sure that my condition of flexible joints, that with time I’ll have more tendency to have this problems, the need of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and probably the all alphabet of vitamins for the rest of my life made me feel that getting to the 40’s can be more painful and expensive way of living.