Sketch Book

I was waiting for that moment since a couple of months. There is an international movement: Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School. There are everywhere, check in your town. Here in Ottawa they meet 1 per month. So, with a little sketch book that I bought in my weird visit I made to Manotick town and with a pencil, I headed to Mercury Lounge, a nice place in downtown.

The entrance was 10$, not that bad. I didn’t know how the “procedure” was. There were 2 models disguised like Marvel heroes, or heroines. The poses were between 1 min and 20 min. I was a brand new so, I sit at the very end, hiding myself. Well, it’s been like 20 years I haven’t done a sketch.

The funny thing about this group, as soon as people grab their seats, they start sketching the sketchers!. Looking quickly, bending chins, eyes up and down, sketching fast to avoid the “sketcher model” didn’t feel was a casual model.

There were people very skilled.Better than I. Grabbing some beers or alcohol, or sandwich bought at the lounge and sketching. One model was disguised as Fenix, a character from X-Men and the other, no idea. I’m not a Marvel fan, so the experience was fantastic. In fact, I never felt that before, the sensation of pleasure and joy doing sketches. Of course, nobody noticed I was there. I’m still invisible.

There was a little contest: sketch the model and insert the word POW! somewhere. We had 15min. And guess what, I didn’t win but my sketch was chosen as a 2nd best. I was surprised. I’m not that rusty as I thought. Somehow, my idea and goal was to meet people but since everyone was concentrate with the sketching thing all people were staring at their notebooks or iPads. There was a break of 15min but I wasn’t able to talk to anyone. And they seemed to know each other. So complicated to meet people in a new town.

We’re few weeks away from the Ottawa Gay Pride 2010. I’ll be there but I will march with I’m not sure with which group but it’s going to be fun.