Cold Salad Cold Future

The day started looking at my clock at work waiting for 9am, at 9 most of business start, specially the insurance brokers that look have a lazy life in Summer time. I made some calls on Monday and some people didn’t call me back or didn’t sent any email despite promises of doing it. So, I made more calls and ….I had more bad news, or higher quotes or quotes with surprises. Like the woman who told me 1600$ finally with collision policy will rise until 1920$, so, I’m thinking I’m…or becoming a Pro or being  professionally fooled.

I did another list this afternoon, I made calls and they promised me to call me back tomorrow. A friend of mine told me “keep positive, last thing to lose is hope”. I’m immigrant, I expect what is not expected, the surprise effect is always bad received. Did I tell you I hate surprises?

At lunch I called my second mother, my therapist, as usual she didn’t answer the phone…I wish I could talked to her…it’s the most closer model to a mother. Wake up, she’s doing business, it’s just a fake good friend that for money can listen to me. I didn’t want to ask for therapy either, since I moved I know getting social or doing social activities is going to be a real, I mean it, a real, real challenge. And I don’t want to hear from her “go to a bar”…oh nooooo, not that please. I prefer medication before listening to that.

After work I went home and I played Erasure. Oldie but goldie, come on guys, Erasure is part of gay culture, an icon, a paradigm, a …. dinosaur, am I still in the 80’s? My heart is in the Grunge generation but my historical curiosity push me to love 80’s, despite fashion was so ugly.

Yes, against all my principles I went out to have dinner with my Swedish friend. Against my principles? Yes, because I don’t like have dinner at 5.30pm. Where have you seen people dinning so early? Of course in Canada, because in other civilizations like China, France and Arab countries they have normal dinners after 7pm.

The menu was leftovers of a restaurant where my friend went out yesterday. She made salad with feta cheese, peppers, microscopic tomatoes and put chicken in curry sauce on it. It was good but for many of you, you don’t know where the food came from. She went to a restaurant called Mia’s. The owner was an ex refugee who was at the Unitarian Church for 2 years. He was living there and was pushed to stay there since papers weren’t ready. I heard stories saying Police was outside checking if he went out of Church, or coming late at night checking again. People of the congregation were visiting in shifts all day taking care of him in case Police could break in and take him away. After his papers were in order, he brought to the country his family, after 2 long years of waiting. Now, he’s son has a master degree, his daughters are in college and all together take care of this restaurant. Of course, his market is people from Church, but apparently the business is going well, and food is good despite I’m not a good fan of Indian food.

I was talking to my friend about politics and asking several times where Canada is going to? The situation is going bad, the conservative government is cutting jobs, salaries and me? I’m still in a contract that will end end August….and I still don’t have a car insurance! I won’t deny that I’m stressed for everything. Feeling alone doesn’t help either.

Tomorrow is Friday, pre anguish season is starting. What to do this weekend? a bar? doing my homework for Communications I course? why should I care about the assignment if before my teacher’s eyes I don’t know how to write in English? Do what? looking for more insurances? and being behind then begging for quotes?

Who reads this? No even my friends dare to click to see what’s going on in my life lately. So where do I start? This is ground 0, ET dyke calling home….contact soon.


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