Lost Papers and 100 Questions Almost Answered

Today the day was full of surprises and misunderstandings. I faxed a document to Quebec asking for my driver’s record, specifically requesting the date I got my driving license. They were fast but when I read the record said my driver’s license was not valid anymore.Pardon? what? excuse-me? They told me my license was ok and I had 2 months for changing it….ok, I changed but I still covered with the QC insurance…so, in other words…am I driving illegally? Because I’m not using the Ontario drivers license…yet. And I don’t have Ontarian insurance yet….Oh Lord…this is getting fishy.

I faxed 2 days ago papers to Ontario asking to make some corrections because they put in my Ontario license I got it in 2010 when I got it 2009. I made a call and the girl told me my case wasn’t assigned yet, they have 5 days to do that. In the meantime my new paper says I got 31 months of experience.

I received another call from one insurance that almost promised me to keep the same premium that the one I got, thing I really doubt. I sent my papers and I’m still waiting for an answer. Soon after, my Swedish friend called me. She wanted me to go for dinner, in the Canadian way…at 5pm this Thursday. After work I went to my headquarters: MacDonald’s, cheap food and air conditioner. I studied for 1 hour there and after I went to College. My mates are some kind of jerks but what can I do? So, the exam had 100 questions, multiple choice, I think I did over 70% so, I’m saved. After the exam, I called my Swedish friend, the firs thing she told me was ” I don’t understand what insurance companies ask you to pay 2000$ per month!” Oh God, my friend is 65 but I think her faculties are getting weak. I had to explain her that was the annual amount they were asking me not per month. I had to say yes to her invitation, she has been nice with me from the very beginning and it’s keeping my BBQ since I can’t keep it here. After I called my second mom, my therapist, it was like 7pm but she didn’t answer, I think she was working, I wanted to invite her something to eat because I was near her office….well, next time I guess.

I went to do some shopping and I bought a case for my cell phone, a Flash T-shirt like those that Sheldon wears and I ate Lebanese potatoes style, good ones, but it can be my spot, too far from my place. There was another second hand store there and I went to check cd’s. And guess what I found: Underworld Beaucoup Fish. I was so happy and I paid over price 2$, usually I pay no more than 1.50$ but come on, it’s Underworld. When I went to car I changed the cd, I pulled out Chemical Brothers and put the second hand cd. While driving I didn’t recognize the music….it was kind of experimental but not way, it wasn’t Underworld. I was so frustrated. I couldn’t see what was the real cd. When I went home, I used my laptop and I finally I discovered what I had…Panda Bear and the album Person Pitch….well, at least I got the case of Beaucoup Fish!

I’m tired because I was studying for days for this course, now is gone….tomorrow I need more answers about the insurances….I can’t stand the services here in Ottawa….too complicated.


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