I’m still researching a cheap insurance. Yesterday I made like 6 calls, 2 answers and some others I’m still waiting. A woman told me like 2500$ and another 1600$. Big gap between them, so since last time that famous Gary told me 1200$ for finally jump until 2600$ and kind of skeptical about quotes.

For a Monday I was feeling super sad and down. I wanted to cry but kept the tears in their place, I was feeling exhausted, I couldn’t sleep neither yesterday not the day before, too hot and humid, even my cat has troubles and keeps on the floor to kept herself cool. Too many ideas in my heads, too much things to get worry.

In the afternoon I went to college. The teacher did a revision since tomorrow is our final exam. She had the great idea to revise all chapter with a version of Jeopardy. What’s that? I got a vague idea of that game. She divided the classroom in 3 groups. After a couple of question I realized I didn’t studied enough for my next exam. We played and I was bored to dead, some question seemed weird, out of the blue, none sense, stupid, not related and ridiculous. Of course, all that to tell you my group was losing. I wanted to leave but something told to stay. Teacher said the winner group would 1 extra point at final. The second group who had like 2400 points lost and came back to 0. I said loudly “we’re not losers anymore” Everybody laughed because my group had like 1700 points, and I gave a wrong answer, so lost like 300 at some point, so, as you see, I don’t like this game.

At the end teacher said she would give to everybody an extra point. So, I went to MacDonalds, where you can studied with free air conditioner and drink  for 1$ any size soft drink, I ate a Big Mac (yuck) but I could figured many concepts I ignored in the book, I left at almost 9pm and at home I studied more.

I feel a bit sleepy but I think tonight I’ll study even more. I hope to have a positive insurance quote soon.


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