Dyke X-Ray

As usual I went to the office and a little white hair was waving me hi in elevator mirror. I’m getting old faster I guess. I had so many things in my head when I opened the an email from the big boss from asking me “did you supervisor give your performance report?” What?…a little reminder that my contract is going to finish end August? Anyways, as usual, I’m the last idiot to know those things. The boss went to Niagara on vacation with his tribe.

The day was quiet so let me again do some research for my car insurance. The woman that yesterday proposed me a quote for 1200$ asked me for scanned docs. So I sent everything she wanted, driver’s licence, record, letter of experience from my QC insurance company, etc etc etc. Every 5 minutes she was replying me back she wasn’t able to open the documents. I was weird, because other 2 guys asked me for the same and had no feedback like that. I was on the phone with her for 20 min. She didn’t understand why I had a phone number from Hull and not Ottawa, I had to explain all my move story again. She asked I don’t know how many times I got my license here in Canada. I was upset for the interrogatory but well, the price was worth it. When she saw I was insured since 2010 she asked me if I was insured with another member of my family. I was angry, you can’t imagine how aggressive I was, so I sent this email “I’m an immigrant, with no family or friends, I live on my own, I do not have any other car insurance under any name’s person before 2010”

So expect something expensive but I will refuse a quote over 2000$ for sure
Please proceed with an estimation” I sent that this morning and I had no response. Ok, ok, breath in, breath out. So almost at 3.30pm I sent her another email saying if she had a quote for me. Her answer was “$3,263.00 plus 3+ if you wish to pay monthly”. So much time waiting for the bloody quote for that? I remember Gary when did the mistake in my quote she only replied back saying “I do not have any insurance companies that I can place you with.  I would suggest you try another Broker in the city who may  have other insurance carriers to quote from” I replied saying if he could do another quote….and had no reply. When I thought of those way to treat me, following or not the procedure, tears of anger were rolling down my cheeks. Inevitable I thought of my ex. She repeated me all the time that if she had an accident never ask a claim because your policy raises. Contrary to that, she never wanted to put me in the policy, that in 2005 as a second driver, or encourage to drive. On the contrary, she put all papers, important documents on her name and nothing with mine. At the very end she new if she wanted to put me in the curb, she would be the winner. And she was. She closed all possibilities to me in order to make my immigrant more and more difficult. I was crying of anger, I was cursing in 3 languages, I know the reasons why the quotes can be higher but there scandalous difference from company A to B.
Anyways, at lunch time I had my appointment at the clinic. The service wasn’t that bad. I feel a bit uncomfortable because all the patients were over 60’s. Suddenly,  the tall dyke that works in another building, closer to me. The dyke woman in her middle 40’s was with her daughter. Yes, her daughter, the little on was her clone. In Summer she drives a motorcycle Kawasaki style. Do you think in Winter she drives a Ford 4X4 truck Silverado? Probably. That wasn’t the only dyke, there were like 3 other radiologist who were more masculine than the dyke one. One saw me but as the tradition between lesbians rules, she ignored me. I waited and a guy from Pakistan did the scanner to my knee. He, as a technician, didn’t give any opinion about it, he only said it was ok. After, he lead me to x-ray  room. This is the second time in 7 years I got a x-ray in Canada. The first one was in Montreal and I don’t even remember what it was. But this time, I had to dress with a kind of plastic dress for working in CD factory. There was a woman in front of me, nervous, anxious and text messaging like crazy. She went before me. 15 min later it was my turn. A very beautiful young blond greeted me (wow, she greeted me!) and said she was the technician. I laid down in a running position on the bench for my first take. The second I had to stand up and that was all. She gave me the invoice for both tests. $136.63.
I went back to work and finished my duties. I left earlier as usual, and I was expecting more quotes for my car and nobody answered me.
I made a new list, 9 brokers are in there. There must be one who can insure me for  something reasonable.
Yesterday, my old landlord phoned me saying she received some letters addressed to me. So, I waited until 6.30 pm to drive to Hull. I was crunching my teeth, anger, for the quotes, for being alone, I was near to my ex’s place and my teeth were tighter. I saw the town different. I saw the poverty neighbors where I used to walk, I heard that strong accent again, I saw the supermarket famous for being cheap. I saw the little bars. The only thing I wanted was to come back to my new apartment and locked myself there.
I have to study for my exam of Wednesday, it,s almost 30c and the only thing I want is to have a mother or friend able to cuddle me or hug me and tell me everything is going to be fine. Some tears appear shyly, some memories, some fears…and tired.

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