Ottawa Human Zoo

One of the subspecies I found in Ottawa and I’m sure there’s a big community in Montreal but I never noticed since I had monastical life in those days, is the Homo Comic Sapiens. This rare specimen became popular due to a TV comedy show, as you can imagine is my favorite The Big Bang Theory.

Last month there were big news about the coming out of a comic character, coincidentally, a Canadian one, X-Men Northstar who proposed to his long time boyfriend, which I don’t remember his name despite I bought the comic. The funny thing is there one store in all Ottawa (in fact 2 but both are the same company). When I knew about Northstar just 1 week later Green Lantern did his coming out as well. So, all interesting men were doing proselytism in favor of gay marriage and that was very cool.

So, I decided to go the comic store which is just minutes away from my office and from school (where I go part time). It’s not that big, there are 2 sections, comics and animes. When I stepped in I felt totally like in the comic store of The Big Bang Theory and probably expecting Sheldon saying some remarkable things about everything since he knows all about comics.

This subculture is so open to diversity, gay, trans, or whatever that doesn’t fit in the conventional life sphere. However, my visit made feel not welcome but even more different but not outsider. Ambiguities are also visible. But that’s not the point of my writing.

I looked for that specific Astonishing X-Men Marvel#50, for newbies like me, you will more than interesting that some comics has sub comics series. Or probably you’ll realize one hero was killed several times and came back to life without any need of religious connection with a divinity (probably with a computer’s help, not sure but it wouldn’t surprise me). Anyways, it took me a bit of time. The workers there were talking to each other about who-knows who-cares, well, the customer care but well, that’s not the point either. When I found it I checked it was like no more than 20 pages. I’m not a very fun of comics, I admit it publicly but I’m a curious person always wanting to learn more and more. My ignorance made me compare me with other customers, that of course, didn’t notice my existence or didn’t care I was there. I went to front desk for the payment and that’s it, I got the #50 that I read in the parking lot of McDonald’s before going to my class in the evening.

I prefer mangas, the Japanese version if you can call it, of comics. I’m used to books and not little editions. As an American product advertising was present on the work, which means less pages to read. The dialogues were in my opinion, more and less developed, but well, if you compare with a manga, characters can be more than complex or pathological, but probably there some of them in other comics. It was ok for expending 5$.

Still, that’s not the point of this post. It’s people, the targeted market, which is not me. As in the TV Show, there were older people, even older than me, sneaking around, buying stuff over 100$, I mean, there’s a market in Ottawa for that. I got scared when I was inside, because I felt different, out of comfort zone of knowledge but also because I mistakenly I associated comics to kids. It’s like saying mangas are for kids. I was victim of my own prejudices, well, when you see like an spectator, like when you watch your tv program, it’s one thing, when you’re inside the  real “tv set” is another.

The first thing I said to myself was: “please, I don’t want to be like that, being over 40 looking for the vintage edition of Superman 1974, be a collector and be obsessive compulsive buyer”. I bought one, which is enough for my standards, but I’m glad I did and that I lived that experience. I went a couple of times to the store again to see more products but some seemed to expensive or some other like….”do I need that?” “am I fun of this?” Even if I buy second hand cd’s at 1$ after filled 3 boxes for moving them to Ottawa, after packing all that I repeated the question “do I need that?” Probably not, but I’m a megalomaniac and I dream to be a radio DJ. When I separated from my ex bitch, I lost all an incredible collection, well, she took it despite it was all mine, originals, copies, mp3, downloads, name it, I got it all.

Something like Penny said in the first season of the show “why don’t you do something else other than playing games or reading comics, something like….living!” A blond who says that deserves all my respect. A subculture or cultural ghetto is that, a ghetto an a comfort zone. After this experience I didn’t see my cd collection with the same eyes.

I want to dare and discover more things around here.


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