No Name Bread

This morning I woke with a sensation of being hangover without the party of the night before. In fact, there was no party at all, I was to exhausted I just watched some episodes of Breaking Bad and Grimm and I slept relatively fine despite the weather of 36C with sensation of 41C

I’m still having pain in my knee and I had a kind of asthma attack so I decided to go to see the doctor since yesterday, as I said, I was so tired that I even felt slept at lunch time in my office. So I woke this morning totally lost, and maybe down, I don’t know, I’m feeling the sensation of being alone which is not pleasant at all. I wanted to cry this morning with my coffee but I just hugged my cat and I chatted with my friend in France.

Most Saturdays morning I got the habit to go at 9am to a second hand store and buy cd’s all to 1$ each. So I arrived and the famous bearded man was already there choosing hot stuff, like me, he likes rock, alternative, metal and classical music. I got lucky, I found Sting “nothing like the sun” one of my favorites, Blind Melon, the first album and Veruca Salt “eight arms to hold you”. I spoke to the cashier, who knows me very well, I said “service, service Lisa!” . She turned and made a move of “ok ok I heard the bloody customer calling for service”. I told her that I moved to Ottawa, and she told me she leaves in that area too. She told me that neighbor can be tough, that’s why people don’t mess with anybody. “as long as you don’t bother any one, nobody will do it to you”. I left the place listening Sting.

When I had my breakfast and I realized I was running out of bread. I went to see the doctor, his office is inside a super market, so I decided to check and guess what, that chain Lowblas don’t sell No Name Bread, thing I used to buy in Hull, because is cheaper and gives you big quantities of slices. I saw the doctor, a woman is replacing my I don’t know Moroccan or Egyptian doctor. I told her about the asthma thing and gave the 2 pumps I needed. Also she checked my knee and then she sentenced “you need x-ray and MRI” I said “what? it will take an eternity” The worse was coming, she asked me if I had the health card of QC or Ontario, I said QC, well, you can choose, a hospital or clinic that will charge. I didn’t know what to answer. I said the hospital, (knowing that for my belly MRI they asked for a request last December and it’s July now and I’m still waiting) . I made a call to the hospital and the answering machine said it was closed. I was desperate and scared. I made a call to my friend in France who tried to calmed me down, and it didn’t work. I picked up my medicines and I went to check a blood work place, and it was closed. So, in my way back  decided to stop for discovering a poutine place. The stuff was super nice, I’m always surprised when nice people with no conventional jobs are so friendly. I asked for a small poutine. This wagon was special because had a Baselind Rd sign (of the city there), so I wrote in the book of suggestion requiring where the got it, and that moment the manager came asking “are writing nice things about me?” I laughed, and I said I was impressed for the sign. He told me I can call the City Hall apparently they got a place where they sell that stuff. My poutine arrived. I asked for a small and it was big….never in Gatineau I had that big for 5$, generous with cheese and gravy. I was surprised not for the quality-quantity….but something happened. The guy for the scam of Summitt Energy, the black guy was queuing for his order….I wanted to kill him or talking but I said…what for? My contract was cancelled…but the idea to hit him with my car was on my mind.

I went home, I changed Sting for Veruca Sault, grunge and aggressive as my mood. I used Google to find a place where X-ray are done and I after speaking with the super nice receptionist they do x-ray and scanning for a reasonable price. I check in QC, in a private place, a MIR for you belly, for example can cost 700$. In this clinic for my knee will cost something like 88$ and x-ray for 44$. So, instead of waiting a long eternity, I’ll book the appointment next Monday.

Blind Melon is playing in my stereo “tones of home”, it’s taking time to call my new apartment HOME.


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