Local Heroes and 15 Minutes of Glory

My German friend invited me to watch the Eurocoupe final between Spain and Italy. We went to this place Local Heroes, a sport bar (associate sports with alcohol….great idea, eh?). Anyways, last time we went to Georgetown bar, and all these places have something in common. The food and service are the worst. You can have a 5 stars service in McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s. The waitress treated me as I didn’t exist. She took drinking orders first, came 15 min after and people order food. She didn’t take mine just until food came. When I asked for a cheesecake the girl told me it would take like 15 min more because I don’t remember what, probably they needed time to cook it or milk the cows. Of course, after that I said to myself no tips for her.

Italy in a horrible match lost 4-0, total humiliation. Spain did an excellent spectacle. I was more than serious in the bar, eating in 5 min an ordinary cheesecake, even a frozen cheesecake was better than I ate. I paid almost 6$ for that piece of crap. My friend in France was texting me laughing at me because of the score.

When we left they told me to go to their place. I went to mine and I spend time chating online with other friends. At 6 pm I went to Katrin’s place. Florian’s her son was totally drunk and everybody noticed I was upset. Still upset for the result and for the service.

We took the bus with Florian totally drunk and his friends. In the bus, a woman started singing the national anthem and Florian sang as louder as he could…some minutes later he started to sing the American national anthem, and the same woman said “I’ll see in 4 four days to sing that song”. The bus driver was driving as crazy, the wagons were crowded and Florian out of his drunk mind started saying “What a bad bus driver, he has no defensive skill, he should go to training” Katrin was trying to put her hand on his mouth to shut him up. And Florian replied ” but I’m just repeating what you said all time about bus drivers” Katrin was laughing totally embarrassed. Well, know I know what she really things about OC Transport Service.

At Downtown, streets were full of people, alcohol, food vans and police men. Yes, alcohol and police, I should say police not trying to see alcohol. There were several musicians performing. But the most interesting thing was to remark those and all bands playing were andean groups from Latin american doing fusion with rock or violin instruments (something typical from Canadian folklore). Canadian identity is not clear for me but I think is an identity in continuing construction, adopting all roots but still, I can’t define what is to be Canadian. 

We went to Rideau Center, Florian was in another planet since his level of beer in his veins was high. We decide to split but at that moment Police came and asked him to open his bag. Rideau is famous for being focus of drug dealers, alcohol and other dirty stuff. Not only him was checked but two of his friend as well. I took some pics with my cellphone.

After that, Katrin and me, we were hanging around the Byward Market, people everywhere and food too. It was like 7pm and we needed to kill time. We ate excellent ice cream and continued to walking. My feet after the moving were aching but I didn’t say anything.

We were trying to find a spot to see the fireworks. We sat at the Cathedral’s stairs and waited for 1 hours, sometimes talking sometimes saying nothing. At 9pm the show started….we moved to other side to see better the fireworks….it was awesome, lights, blasters, colors, sparks….everything in 15 min. Yes, all that effort for 15 minutes. Yes, part of my taxes were there to pay this spectacle. Glad I did. The worst was coming.

To return home we had to walk like 20 minutes from the spot to the bus station. People were pushing to each other, running after buses, OMG, it seemed for a moment I was in the third world.

We waited like another 15 min when bus #97 came and we pushed as much as we could in order to get inside. Incredibly we got seats. At 10.30 we were in the bus doing our was home. At 11 we were there and I had to drive to my new place. I had to program the GPS since now I’m leaving in Ottawa, I’m still desorientated with directions, my reference point for everything was from Hull, now I have to think twice when I want to go somewhere.

I was exhausted but believe me, somehow, all this experience was worth it. But I don’t think I will do it next year!!!


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