In the Capital of North Pole: Ottawa

I’m so exausted that I can’t even remember how was the moving. I took a second shower few minutes ago. I feel dizzy.

I didn’t want to move the Winter tires, so heavy for me. On Friday, I phoned my landlord saying I was moving on Saturday, she reminded me the tires were on the basement and to pick them up. I replied my knee was still injured, so she said she wouldn’t be there the weekend and told me she’ll pull the tires outside….yeahhhhh, a job done for another person is always well received. I went to have dinner, trying to eat something to make remind Gatineau-Hull-Québec…so, I ate the good bye poutine. It was good but as much as a Montrealer one.

My German friend came with her son and her beautiful 4×4. After a big hug and a huge thanks for coming to do the dirty job, we talked about what to put first in the truck: the mattress or some furniture?. They moved it to the truck and some other stuff and suddenly, something very German happened. My friend stopped everything and started to analyze how to organize the truck puzzle loading. They stayed like 15 minutes looking for all possibilities, in a very rational way. It was like looking a Monty Python sketch about the Greek vs Germany soccer match

The moving itself wasn’t that long, probably 45 min since they stopped to rationalize the way to put all boxes in the truck. I put my Montrealer cat in the front seat, as usual, she was crying. My car was loaded with the tires, not heavy boxes, brooms, food, clothes bags, documents, trash bins, everything.

We took pictures of the truck and car loaded and coordinate how to get to Ottawa. She was looking in her GPS phone and me, trying to explain her where the bridge was. I told her to follow me. Her son was driving but since it too loaded he was driving slowly. I lost them in Parkway drive. I arrived and started downloading my stuff. I call them thinking they were lost but finally, they arrived like 14 min later.

I locked my bike on the fence (and it has a flat) and I helped them a bit. There was a minivan loading stuff, they were leaving, people from the #20. The landlord told me a Peruvian guy was moving there in August.

When were done, I should say they, because my knee was bothering me, I made them sit and asked how much they wanted for the moving. I mean, for paying the gas and other things. Katrin and her son say no. I was feeling very bad, since I took 100$ just in case. I though to pay even more. She told me “that’s friendship” and she added “now you have to help somebody to do the same” I told her I felt shitty, they I wanted to pay at least gas. She refused and she asked me “will you be able to live with that?” To be sincere, it’s better to pay than being involved in a kind comunitarianism help curse. They invited tomorrow to watch the Eurocup final between Spain and Italy. I will go and I’ll pay everything they consume.

I was alone in the apartment trying to look this chaos in something more disorganized. I tried my best until 2 pm when the actual landlord phoned me saying he could storage my tires. He moved them because I was so weak. He was very nice, we shacked hands and told me to get some rest. I was trying to choose a cd to listen to. Below Everything But The Girl, I found, Simple Red album called Home. Appropriated for the occasion, I sat since my legs were killing me.

The Internet technician came, change the router, did some changes in configuration and finally I’m able to write again.

I so dead, I ate and I read the email of my therapist saying she was enjoying the flowers I gave her and she was sending good vibes. Her email finished with the phrase….you’re second Mom. That was so touchy.

Life is changing….fast.


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