The Mourning of Almonte

Yesterday my collegue who helped to move my boxes remind me Cindy’s father service (who passed away 4 days ago) would be today morning. I forgot completely about the service and he told me everybody at the office would go….everybody? That means I should go too. I didn’t want to look like the nasty one but I decided to go. At the same time I had to leave some boxes in Ottawa and pick up my dark clothes.

I woke up around 4.30am, I went to shower, I had breakfast and coffee, I dressed up and before 6 am I was driving. This time I moved like 8 boxes, I was exhausted and my knee didn’t endure that much, I was limping at the end. At almost 7 I finished to put clothes in the plastic drawers (very practical by the way), emptied like 6 boxes for the kitchen, I left space for the “furniture” that might arrive this weekend. I found my black pants and went to the office.

Around 11am I did carpooling with my boss and my Chinese college. The boss is a proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler Sport 2012.  I should say Rubik car. Totally square and despite the 4×4 concept sport idea…I found it ugly and not practical. First of all, you think a 4×4 has space….wrong. It’s so small than even me who is short I was in the limit to be squizzed against my own knees. There were the baby sits on the back and I realize who miserable can be some straight people, using small sport car for family use. Zero!!!. Well, that wasn’t the end of my observation. The roof is no solid, since you can fold it manually, so not secure if you turn fast and fall sideways or upside down. Also, probably there cars like this where in every single corner there’s a loudspeaker. I mean it, 2 in the tiny trunk, 2 over my seat, 4 or 6 in the front. The Chinese was asking every 7 seconds about the car, comparing with her car, opening slots, touching buttons, moving the seat up and forward, talking about the swimming pool ….and more for 1 hour. You can imagine the way back.

We arrived to a little, cute village called Almonte. For me, it was those kind of city tours, outside downtown. Houses like in Hull, with flowers everywhere, houses on wood or brick, narrow streets, all looked even idyllic and beautiful since the sun was shinning royally there.

This is my first service in Canada, I mean, my first funeral. I wasn’t sure what religion the service would be, and until I have no idea what it was. Probably protestant or something like that, since the reverend or priest or whatever it was, was a woman. The place was decorated with pictures of the dead. In a flat screen, the power point  presentation shown Cindy’s father, fishing, hunting and cooking. I was expecting a coffin (old Catholic background) but I found a little glass box, and inside, the funerary urn written on it “Dad”. There was country music on the background sung by Cindy’s uncle, for a moment I thought it was Johnny Cash.

I was quite impressed since my own father wanted his funeral in that way. I mean with the funerary urn style.The service started with a typical Bagpipes song, that of course, I don’t remember the title. The kind of reverend said some opening words and invited Cindy’s brother to speak up about his father. He was crying most of the time, telling all kind of souvenirs from the moment his father met his mother until the separation, I mean when she died. The thing that captured my attention was when he was diagnosed with cancer. When he was sick, he used to finish the night saying to his wife “good night mama” and his wife replied “I love you” and he added ” I love you too” And when his wife passed away, he was expending all his sick nights in the lazy boy and saying every single night “good night mama” and then “I love you too”.

Cindy’s brother cried in front of the mic at least 3 times, I cried too because somehow I was seeing myself and remembering important moments of my own father. Dad is not younger anymore and I expecting his depart anytime soon.

I stopped thinking about the moving, boxes and papers for some hours, admiring the beauty of Almonte town, the love for a father and the shinning sun that reminds any single moment without no interruption life goes on.


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