Moving in Motion

Moving in Motion

It’s almost 10 pm in Hull. I just started to move my stuff to my new apartment. I put some boxes this morning and delivered them at noon. Landlord met there and he gave me the lease to read. It was funny, the landlord’s father is 80 and it’s he who prepares the leases. He used a typewriter machine with a carbon paper below the original. (for those who have no idea what a carbon paper is check this My father is still using the typewriter machine too…old school boys!!! I read everything and I received 5 keys, 1 main door, 2 my door, 3 second lock of my door, 4 mail box and 5 laundry room.

When I came back at the office, around 1pm I got nervous…Am taking the right decision? Am I doing the right thing? I got scared…what if I don’t like it? what if this and that? I got so exhausted and dizzy, I forced myself to eat my lunch and went home. I spoke to my actual landlord to take out my empty boxes from the basement and she yelling asking me if I liked my other place. It remind me The Big Bang Theory, when Howolowitz yells at her mother, anyways, I never answered her question, I was too annoyed with my own fears.

After moving out the things I went to speak to my friends in Skype, all of them, French women. They were very helpful calming me down. One of them asked me…”how are you?” I said 38, “you’re an adult, it’s normal to be afraid, you were there for 2 years and now you’re moving to something totally new”. Damn, she’s always right. Well, yes, it’s true I got used to my routine and Hull, now Ottawa it was scary for me since everybody speaks in English, I have no clue of my new neighborhood etc etc etc. I got calmed….and them my friend on the webcam, show me her body…Oh my Lord…she’s so hot…she knows I’m lesbian, I was suffering when I saw her, after that she added…”Now you changed your mood and ideas, that’s good, everything is going to be fine” Ufffff, well, my hormones were more than excited but she was right, at least I made up my mind.

Before 6pm I got into the car and I drove again to leave the boxes. The landlord, as promised, put a new fridge…I was so in love when I saw it. The apartment was dirty so I came back this afternoon and spent 1 hour cleaning the floor, kitchen door, the bathroom and my bedroom. I don’t know what problem or addiction the old tenants had with coffee because there were coffee splashes everywhere. I invited my Swedish friend to take a look of the place…at 7.20pm she wasn’t still there…I went down the hall and I realized the intercom doesn’t work. I went to the other exit and I saw her leaving….I was running with my injured knee yelling her name but she didn’t listen to me. After a couple of minutes she came back just at the moment I was going back to my car for leaving after deliver some other boxes. In fact, when I saw her the second time I was leaving the voice message to her phone. Anyways, she met me and I shown her my place. She liked it, specially the colors. She said I had everything to be happy there.

After my long long long day, I went to a Shawarma place, the guy knows me and loves teasing me. I said I was moving, he asked me where, and when I said Ottawa he looked at me as if I was having a mental problem to do that. “it’s expensive” I said yes, you must calculate at least 250$ more in rent, but for the rest you must choose your resources.

I left the place and I put some other boxes in my car. I’ll move more thing tomorrow noon. I’ll see my therapist and after I have school, geeez what a day will be tomorrow.

I took my shower, I wanted to sleep earlier but after listening Morcheeba Big Calm, I sit on my bed and I started to write again.

Now…I should sleep, no?


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