The Keys of Ottawa

I had a boring, busy and long Monday. I dissembled my BBQ in 2 pieces and delivered to my Swedish friend’s house, she’ll keep it there until I buy a house…in 2 or 3 years, of course, in Ottawa, if you want to buy something decent can cost over 300,000$, in other words, you need a partner. As I said before, many people are together not necessary because of love but because you split cost.

After the delivery, I finish my day earlier as usual, 3pm and I went home…when you live in Hull, you got 4 options, or 4 bridges. I always take the Champlain bridge, it was raining and it took me like 45 min to cross to the other side. Usually it can take like 20 or 30 but today it was awful. When I arrived home I wanted to pick up some boxes on the basement but because of the Quebec national day, the landlord business ( she’s a tailor) was closed. So, I decided to do more boxes, more cupboards are empty and cleaned.

I chatted as usual with my friends in France and one of them asked me “when are you moving?” I said theoretically I should move July 1st and I didn’t want to bother the landlord. I also said the other tenants were leaving the 23rd and that I was waiting for his ok to go there and move.

After chatting with a good friend of mine, I said good bye to everybody and went to do more boxes. I took pictures with my cellphone of the disaster it was my actual apartment and I uploaded to Facebook. I went to a second hand store to leave books I didn’t need anymore and went back home wondering if I should be poutine, French fries, burger or something totally unhealthy. I remembered I had a frozen pizza, my favorite, Dr Oetker, a German one, very good and a bit expensive. I was eating in front of my laptop sneaking in Facebook, reading newspapers online and trying not to look the mess I was surrounded when and e-mail arrived.

The landlord said the apartment was empty and clean and asked when I wanted to move in and give me the keys. When my mouth full of pepperoni pizza, one hand dirty with tomato sauce and just the right hand available to type, I replied “can I go tomorrow at lunch time?” He said “alright”.

Oh Lord….I wanted to cry, at least a couple of tears escape from my eyes. I was jumping around even if my knee is still injured but much better than weeks ago and I called my Swedish friend saying aloud “Anita, Anita, Anita….I’ll have the keys tomorrow….I wanna cry” She was just laughing and was very happy for me. She was the first person I called, after that I put an updated in my Facebook. I unplugged the laptop of the table and I pulled to cold bags to attach them to my knee. I put a Sasha Airdrawndagger cd in my super second hand RCA radio and here I’m ….writing to you the news.

I already loaded the car with clothes, something light I can carry because I don’t want to put much pressure in my knee…and I remember why I chose a Toyota Matrix….geeeez it has lots of space that rocket. Well, it’s a hatchback and it looks like nothing grandiloquent but it is, Lord, it is!!!!

Tomorrow at noon, the symbolic keys of a change will be given to me. Another new beginning, one more time, immigrant again.


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