My First PSY Big Mc

Well, hot Summer here in the capital. I bought a ticket for the show “Psy” of The 7 Fingers of the Main (Les 7 doigts de la main). So, I went a bit early to downtown to get a free parking spot and grab something to eat. Bad idea if you’re planning to do that at 5.30 pm. In fact, traffic was heavy and parking was just awful. When I got a spot in the 3 rd level it was 6 pm, so I said to myself “there’s a food court here I should grab something small to eat”. Suddenly I forgot the Canadian eat like chicken, dinner is always at 5pm, as a result, the food court was closed….dawn….great societies like Chinese, Arab and French have dinner at 8pm, but here…the Queen would the only person to have tea at 5!

With an injured knee, product of playing soccer with a kid, I went to McDonald’s. The only cheap option available. I decided to try the big Mc, so, for 8$ have a mini sandwich, salty fries and a medium soda. Not bad, the cow had a decent life since the taste wasn’t horrible, eatable, I won’t ask for the cheap calories I got, probably calories I should have taken in t3 healthy meals. But can I do? Who possible would think to close food courts at 6pm when downtown is full of life and crowed by young people going to festival and other things? who? tell me who? A Canadian of course!

The show was awesome. It’s called experimental theater circus. It was about mental health, social issues and of course, social interaction with the hero of the 80’s and 90’s generation: the therapist. There were kids in the auditorium, I don’t think parents were expecting the dark sense of humor but it was amazing. The performance and creativity of the group was impressive. Also the chemistry between them was obvious an important factor to achieve the success. If you got the chance, got a buy a ticket, it’s worth it.

I never thought I would associate and social drama performance with the 1st big Mc of my life…there is always a first time, eh?


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