Boxing Days

No, it’s not after Christmas you got the chance to buy cheap stuff…’s another Boxing Days…moving is coming. I’m doing boxes for a while, with an injured knee is not an easy task. My tiny apartment looks like when a tornado destroy merciless a small town in Kansas City. I got packed 80% of my stuff….in theory I should start moving July 1st but my new landlord said I can start before, since the actual tenants are moving today. Canada day is the traditional moving day in this country. Leases are done for 1 year starting that date, at lease 70% of population moves exactly the same day. Not very logical before my eyes but after living so long here the most illogical thing became so ordinary to me.

After living 7 years in Québec side, in 2 of them I spent it in a cheap (all senses) region of Hull, Gatineau, I decided it was enough! I speak and write French fluently, very fluently. When I speak English, Ontarians ask me: “do you speak French?” I say “oui” and of course, the opposite reaction happens when I speak in French and Francophones listen to my accent and they, they start speaking to me in English. So, I don`t remember my Hispano accent. It can be more than frustrating as experience, I live that all the time, since Gatineau is in Ontarian border….there is a big difference between those towns…and not only because one is the capital and the other is….a small village.

If you want to drive in Gatineau/Hull, rent a 4X4. There holes in roads like a Gruyere cheese, not even the Moon surface has that amount of irregular holes. Just before a retirement house there was a small hole, the deepness was about a couple of meters down. When they started reparations….a couple of bulldozers came. What started like 50 cm, ended in around 100 meters, a main street blocked, 40 workers taking coffee breaks, you know, professional road work. In fact, if Google could take a close-up of Gatineau roads would look like a crochet patched master piece. But when you cross the bridge….get on your knees and kiss the road. Of course, it’s not every where like that, but believe me, there is a big difference

It’s been 7 years in Quebec without a family doctor, another drama in the province. But a least a got a good mechanic here. I remember when I was in Montreal there were panels saying to keep calm, don’t get aggressive, don’t blame the nurse, be respectful with the personnel bla bla bla, Quebecquers are famous for being a bit aggressive when the service is not good, but super nice when you invited to dinner with good wine and nice meals.

There are lots of pros and cons with the moving. I won’t deny is a scary process. Changing addresses, notify Departments I’m leaving, paying other fees, going to the unknown, new neighborhood, nervous for everything and nothing.


One thought on “Boxing Days

  1. I like your writing style genuinely enjoying this site. “A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing.” by Hesiod.

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