Some Notes Before 37

Another year is coming…I mean, my birthday is tomorrow…should I be excited? One more year over my shoulders, but in fact is more visible on my hair. It looks like a piano keyboard.

Today I went to see my therapist. The 3 of my life, this one is anglophone (my first one was in Spanish, the second in French). When I went to see her she was expecting me with flowers…red ones, what a detail! or I should say what a customer service I had. I really love this person. Listening to her voice is like having a Reiki vocal sesion. She is very open and very compasionate. It’s like having a pre fab friend…but it’s not my friend…she will never be either.

I was crying in her office feeling sorry for myself. Crying and having dark feelings before my birthday…do you know something? I tried to convince a college to have junk food celebration for my birthday. She refused, well, since people is turning me down, I had no choice to talk to my therapist about all this things…about my future, my lack of friends, my shyness and all my essays to create links with people.

I will try to check another gym tomorrow.

Any ideas to celebrate?