Fat Fitness Business

After checking myself in front of my mirror, and verify my little belly was growing and not due to the Holy Spirit (of the beer spirit) I went to a gym to find out about the membership and more stuff.

I called the gym which is literally just around the corner. When I asked how much the membership cost the girl avoided the question saying they got personalize programs, when I insisted for at least an approximation she said I had to take an appointment with them. Ok, I did the bloody thing she asked me to do. So, I arrived at 6 pm but the appointment was at 6.30 pm, of course, nobody was available to give information. The funny thing about the front desk was a latino girl was there. Her name was written in a little plate: Karla….ordinary name, at must say very latino. She was shorter and skinner than me. Black eyes, black hair…my God, so ordinary, so normal, it was watching a mirror. She had a little accent and of course she recognized my accent too but we didn’t dare to talk about background. So, she told me to wait till 6.30pm which I did and I did some anthropology as well.

The stereotype of a gym is, basically, young people, with tattoos on their arms, low education, working in couples, or, old people fatty and chubby where the gym becomes a meeting point more than an exercise centre. One of them spent the 30 minutes I was there to talk, do little time on 1 machine and asked another girl for a milkshake.

I was standing behind the stairs when that girl told me to sit and wait. I was on the desk and I could play a bit with the computer. I saw several “personalized programs” for loosing weight, transformation, fitness all with a personal trainer. I checked the prices…there were several “levels” or “types” like cooper, silver, golden and more stupid names. The cheapest cost 250$ for 90 days….I found it very expensive.

When Karla arrived after her introduction about the gym, the levels , about the trainers…I wasn’t looking at her, I just wanted to know the price for a normal membership, I mean, you pay, you use the machine, you leave. She was talking about the nutritionist, the program A, B, C, in which one I was interested blah, blah, blah.  I asked directly the price for the normal thing, she pushed me to do a tour of the gym. After seeing futuristic machines I chose just to spaces I was interested. She told, finally, after 30 minutes of chit chat, and even not the real thing, it would cost 20$ every 2 weeks. I asked for 1 month, well, the double she said, after that, she told the price for using all the gym, a bit more expensive, but the membership was for 1 year, just available in that place (because if you wanted other the price raises). She said to bring a check and they take out the money directly from your bank account. Inside of my little head I was freaking out….nobody touches my money, not even my cat.

When I said thanks for the information she said if I wanted to be a member, I said no. I was feeling forced to take the membership, I didn’t feel the programs were personalized, I’d say more like, giving you options that probably they’re trying to sell you as something you really need and is tailored based on your needs.

I left the gym thinking ….probably I should grab a beer…but not, I didn’t I went to shop for wine glasses thinking doing abdominal and push-ups at home would be very helpful. They tried to sell me a false need, tried to impress me with the machines…I went to the same gym in Montreal and the stupid guide said….:”This is the only gym in Montreal with wooden floor and brick walls”…so what? You not need a fashion place to be fitness….you fat moron.


2 thoughts on “Fat Fitness Business

  1. LMAO, I hate product pushers, just give me what I asked for and if you or don’t have it say so and let me be on my merry way to find somewhere that has what I need. That’s why I stick to my little Insanity DVD program at home. Good Luck with your search.

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