Incredible Coincidence Tribunal Story

 Like 3 years  ago (and I wrote it in another entry in my blog) I was working in Montreal in a tribunal, as temporary help. That means, for a short period of time and bad paid. My duties there were classified files and type reasons of decisions. There was on  in particular I will never forget. A lesbian deserter from USA. She was claiming refugee status because in the US Army, as you know, life can be short if you say openly  you’re gay. At the time I was one of few people able to type in English. This file was opened in Ottawa but assistants there were overwhelmed with transcriptions and they sent us this case. The file was huge if you compare with an average refugee file. Nobody in the office wanted to touch the file because of the language obstacle.

I was having a kind of hard time living with roommates, working as a temporary help and suddenly this file came to my hands. The Commissioner recorded the reasons of decisions and I was in shock every time he spoke about this particular case. I saw many confidential things in that tribunal…really Hollywood stories…amazing and incredible, also fake ones…which were more incredible than the real ones.

When I just finished to type the first draft of her reasons of decisions my contract was over…and I did my coming out to my manager…a very grumpy woman but nice deep inside of her (really deep inside). I was very surprised of my first experience of synchronicity in my life…this decision was very crucial for me. It was like a jab on my jaw. I realized that my gayness and my process of immigration were soft …if you compare it with that girl’s profile.

Today, now working in another boring tribunal…I was walking down the street in Ottawa, bored to death, not wanting to go to work…since a week I wanted to pick a gay newspaper up…and I did it…and guess what?…I opened and I read the story of this girl who is trying to collect money in order to pay lawyers..she’s asking her case to be revised again for another Commissioner.

The girl changed her name, looks more happy than her refugee form picture and says her life is better here than in USA where she is from. You cannot imagine my happiness to know she’s doing well, she’s happy among us and I’m very happy she is not going back to USA for a while.  I was so surprised that I called to Germany to one of my best friends to tell her this crazy coincidence. As usual, she didn’t find it as a coincidence at all. I will try to contact her and give her my support in all this long process of refugee status.

Please…Destiny exists…things happens for a reason


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