Bisexual French Fries With Gravy

The national Quebecer fast food is called Poutine, a bunch of french fries with a hot sauce and cheese on the top. The sauce is hot and the cheese is almost melting over the fries…if you think it looks and sounds gross…it is. But in my humble opinion, as a good potato eater from the country  gave that as a the best contribution to manhood …Poutine is delicious.

Last year I met a girl, very good dyke looking. Of course, my gay dart told me she was lesbian. I always saw her holding her coffee cup, in the elevator, outside the building, in her cubicle, I was trying to talk to her, to make conversation, break the ice…but as silly and antisocial I am, it was very difficult until….the day I needed to send some reports to Finance and I didn’t know how to do it. It was funny because this girl worked with the British woman I adore. When I sent the email explaining my problem someone told me to write the slim, shaved, blond and white girl…I re-named as Blondie. In fact, when I left the office I sent her an email asking her if she was a real blond…no, she isn’t, box blond.

She gave me a private training for this financial problem, I mean, to generate reports. I was making jokes all the time and she enjoyed my sense of humour. We sent emails all the time just for fun. She was invited to the British’s grandson party but she couldn’t make it. When I left Correctional Services I gave her chocolates in a friendly way to thank her for her help. It was sad say bye to all the Finance Team there. Before leaving she told me to sent her an email to keep in touch. When I arrived to the Tribunal  I told her my drama and we scheduled for a lunch: Poutine, around 10 000 calories of passion for fries.

It was so cool eat that Poutine because she told me for the price I paid (6.50$ large one) I could get a huge one at Gatineau side…she promised to show me that paradise place. She is a junk food lover, especially burgers, she doesn’t like cooking but cooks tofu and rice, enough to survive. Of course, her lunch is just Subway sandwiches.

Finally we met, we talk a lot about dilemma, my country, violence in Peru, her condo, her ex boyfriend…boyfriend? Blondie with a man? Well, she looks like Sinead O’Connor in her good times, I couldn’t imagine her with a man. Anyway, I hid my scandal and we continue to talk. She said she lived with him for a couple of years but it didn’t work. They had a personal project together: to have a retirement house. Well, I talked about my ex, the pain, the suffering, the fear to start a new relationship. She is more pessimistic than I am. She believes the perfect or the soul mate doesn’t exist. It was funny because I was trying to convince her she was wrong…but at the end she convinced me she was right…well, at least I tried.

Just at the end of our conversion, just before leaving to our respective offices she told me she liked boys and girls, more boys, but she was still confused because she still liked women, she said the only problem to be with women is she can’t have babies…I mean, you cannot share 50% of your genes like heterosexual do. And adoption is not an option for her. Besides, she doesn’t like kids…another reason to be confused.  And she add just before say bye…”nobody at the office knows about this”….Wooow, you look more masculine than I and you’re telling me nobody knows it?

Well, Poutine and a bisexual girl, what a combination for a Friday lunch. I really enjoyed talk to her, laugh, share similar experiences and love for Poutine.


2 thoughts on “Bisexual French Fries With Gravy

  1. Poutine sounds delicious + the sinead clone sounds interesting – have you seen her since then?

  2. Yes, poutine is super good. Blondie works in front of my office, we write each other but we don’t see many often. She knows a good poutine place and we agreed to go someday.

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