A Real Government Contract

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone for International Tribunal Trade, I applied for a position, they called several times asking for my availability…at first they asked for another security level, which I did, I was feeling I was closed to that job but after the process began slow again…so, when they asked me for my availability I felt like time has come.

I work with an agency. They find me a contract, they charge to the government like 18$ but I receive like 13.5$. Yes, they’re like pimps and I’m the whore on the road. After working for rates between 11.5$ and 13.5$ I got finally a real offer, a contract of 42 000$ per year.

When they called me they asked me for a document, driving license for being photocopied and added to my personal file and I heard something like letter offer. I was a bit…how can I say…surprised? upset? nobody told me about this, how come everything is so slow and suddenly can come so fast? When I arrived to the building, that curiously is just in front of Correctional Services where I used to work months ago, I went to Human Resources office, I gave my papers, and a woman asked me to follow her, we went to a small office, she made read an oath but before she asked me if I needed a bible, that she could look for one, can you imagine at this moment my level of shock? So, I read the paragraph that basically said not to reveal anything from my future work, to be loyal to the Queen and more crap. When room was spinning fast, my legs were shaking, I was sweating more and more, my brain wasn’t working, my ears weren’t hearing anything. The woman told me to fill up some other optional papers, I said I knew those papers and she asked me if I worked for the government, I just told her I had experience with agencies. She gave me her card and asked to call her for a confirmation.

Next step, blue eyes…well, who to talk first, her or the agency? When I came back to the office, still in shock, not able to react, reading emails like a zombie, answering some other questions, waiting…I sent an email to the agency saying they were offering me a position, the contact person congratulated me and she proposed her to talk to blue eyes, which I denied and I prefer to talk to her. I sent her just a line on the subject box saying “urgent, I need to talk to you”. She came to my office, asking me my urgency “I don’t know how to say it” I replied, just say it she said. And I explained the proposition and she smiled and she said “this is good news, why are you upset” I was crying, some tears were rolling down in front of the director, I just added, I wanted to finish my contract, that isn’t my style to leave in that way, I said “I,ll give you some intercultural information…I’m not Canadian, I’m latino, I’m loyal, I don’t want to leave you with all that stuff like that”, she was smiling at me, saying she knew people move all the time, that I should choose the best for me, she told me she worked at that Tribunal time ago, she said my trilingualism will help me with the NAFTA stuff. she seemed very happy for me, she admitted she pushed me a lot and the student that I work with will take my place…and I said “poor girl”, the director looked at me moving her head “yes” she said. I explained that I wanted to do finance, she said there were lots of jobs in that domain, now I can apply to internal positions.

I’m still hoping to get in the Agriculture pool, I applied, but I must wait. Soon I finished to talk to her I sent an email to my neighbour saying I had the job and I needed a cigarette. When I met him I cried…so much that somebody came with a Kleenex box saying “boys don’t have that”, my friend said “it’s joy” and I said yes.

We went outside for smoking, I said that I needed a car, a 4X4, I was just laughing “you’re such a boy”…he said he could help me because he knows a place where I can buy a car for 5 000$, but now my priority is my father. My birthday is just around the corner…I will give a big surprise to my father. 


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