Mojito Night

And again, like an old litany, I went to the Pride Public Service party. I was expecting to go with my transsexual friend Michelle but she wrote on my Facebook saying she was sick. I was a bit shocked but I said to myself  “I must be social, I must be social, I must be social”. So I left the office after a weird day that I didn’t work so much and I didn’t want to either. I was a bit mad because I hate going to those places and look like a total idiot.

When I arrived, the chubby organizer, Sarah, was there already holding her beer. Despite the noise I could understand she was having a promotion, she works at the same Department that my ex-bitch does. We talked a bit an as usual she left holding her second beer, moving around like a drunken fly. After that, the black girl who once replied my Kijiji add of friendship showed up. Of course I didn’t say anything to her since she never reply me back when I said I didn’t have a job at the time we started to talk. Strange sensation to be discriminate by a black. Well, as I was saying, the sensation of being alone in the middle of a bar was growing. I said to the barman, dressed in black: “mojito please”..the guy was a Mexican called Jerónimo…nice and cool. He prepared the most bitter drink I ever tasted…I paid $6.90…before that he gave a glass of water…because I didn’t dare to ask …I was doubting…$6.90? I could buy 18kg of litter for Lima!!!

The drink wasn’t so strong, he added something I guess sweet first, some mint leaves, ice, crashed everything, add cheap rhum…at this point when I saw the quantity of alcohol I saying on my head “enough, enough, stop it” and finally he added soda. A young girl besides me asked for a drink and I started to talk to her…nothing much and she left to see her friends in another table. Again alone…suddenly, an older woman started to talk to me for breaking the ice. Other women came around her and she began to be the center of the universe saying “…when I was living in Los Angeles..” ohhhh crap. Again I was alone, feeling totally uncomfortable. A little voice inside my head said “stay, wait, stay”. There were like 20 minutes or even more I was sat on my chair looking to everybody without being able to socialize.

I was feeling embarrassed, holding and prying for my Mojito never desapears..after long and endless minutes…Aida came. Aida was a friend or acquaintance of my trannie friend. She recognized and she was with somebody nice and beautiful…her girlfriend. Two lipsticks smiling everybody. It was a relief to see her. She, as me, we dream to work at the Government. She’s a psychologist and her girlfriend a lawyer who works at Foreign Affairs Department…yes, big money. We were talking all the time, they sat next to me and they asked for something to eat. Aida’s girlfriend was sat next to me …I don’t remember her name. Her father is Ukrainian and Aida was born in Bosnia. They have been together for 5 years now, they bought a house and blah, blah, blah. I had an interesting conversation with her, about how is to be gay in Latin America. The funny thing is she worked at Justice Canada time ago. She told me there they’re conservative, people felt uncomfortable when during a party she brought her girlfriend. She said at Foreigner Affairs people are very cool. It was so nice to talk with female with brains…doesn’t happen to me very often.

When they were just to leave, Guita, a girl from Immigration, who I met at the Speed Dating said hi to me. When Aida’s girlfriend left she hugged me, I felt a bit weird, it’s been such a long time since somebody touches me. She smiled all the time, they seem to be a healthy couple, with love and respect. When they left Guita came so close to me…I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. She is beautiful, with long straight hair and …I don’t know, she has the “I don’t know what” that makes you feel interested in. Guita said “I remember your story, you came here because your ex from Chile” , I just laughed and I said…”Peru”…after she said ” and your name is?” , I showed my security card and she said..”Oh yes, awesome”. I said everything I remembered about her. She was surprised…and she became closer and closer to me. Of course she had drunken to beat the shyness. She told she was dating a girl from who was on a table with the young girl I said hi before. “She is massotherapist, she is so sweeeeeeet, I’ve been dating her for a week”…I said “well, congrats for the combo, you must be doing some therapy with her”…she laughed. She invited to another event Pool Night, I told her I sucked and she said “Fuck off, come, I’ll be there. When I said bye to her she hugged me too.

I left the bar saying bye to Jerónimo the barman, crossing the small corridor without looking the young girl…it wasn’t so bad…Before living I said to Guita “I don’t think I’ll meet the love of my life in a kind of event like this” and she “I think yes”…



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