Deep Blue Eyes

Every morning I got a meeting with those deep blue eyes that coincidently are my manager’s eyes, who’s the Library’s Director.

If you think of stereotype of a librarian…old woman, granny look, white hair and old fashioned…you’re right. She’s like that but cute. Since I’m working as her assistant (more like handicapped assistant) she was training me, well, just the first week. After that, a real whirlpool of tasks and duties went to me like a tsunami after an earthquake. In fact, there was an earthquake: the end of the Fiscal Year 2009-10, a big financial movement that I never saw before. In my ignorance, or innocence, I was expecting to be in the bench helping somebody else. I realized later I was acting as a senior assistance, when all my working life I’ve been a clerk or big clerk.

At 9:30 am, every morning, if she doesn’t have a meeting, I meet her in her office. Mine’s is bigger than hers because I got more cabinets with incomprehensible files: contracts, invoices, agreements, finances etc etc etc.  Our walls are painted in yellow or kind dark cream-colored. Our desks are in wood and our screens share the same wall, just we can’t see each other for that wall, but if you look both offices from the entrance they look like an architectural ying-yang. She has a door, I don’t, her desk has a space to her left and me to my right, the telephones are back to back on the wall, we have cabinets behind us and so on.

It’s has been 4 weeks I meet those blue eyes…they try to enquire what all managers ask to or look for in all assistants’ eyes: trustworthy, or at least true eyes. As a latin girl, I’m quite transparent with my emotions and my eyes are too talkative. I noticed she never blinks when she talks to me, when she tries to show me what to do in finance, with invoices, asking to generate reports for the Library’s branches…I’m so close to her in those meetings that I can see her eyes are looking for true and are expecting results…I can see her wrinkles…her white and grey hair…her red cheeks…her smile can shines that face…but most of the time she’s tired and doesn’t eat at 12 am like her agenda orders.

When I met her in that interview I remember the way she shook my hand, strong and firmly…me too, I did the same, I think we liked. She had long hair and after 1 week of being working there she got it cut…and she looks so hot now…well, if she combines the right clothes of course.  I don’t understand why a woman, so beautiful, with potential fashion dresses like law old school librarian…well, she’s from the old school. She prefers dark clothes…Justice Department can be very straight about the code conduct…that means people must love black. But I got an allergy to that especially in Winter.

Her hair and eyes are so lightning that  her dark navy blue clothes look even darker. I wish I could give her more fashion tips…she’s beautiful…and I got a weakness for blue color…but my favorite is green I guess.

I like her smile, I like when she plays the fool and when she asks me about Human Resources annoying procedures, that of course, I don’t have any answers. I wish I could her more with those bloody softwares, I wish I could impress her…but I’m invisible.

If I were a boy….if, but if, and only I were…but I’m not…sometimes I wonder if her husband knows how well she manages the Library. Honestly, I think he’s lucky but I don’t know about her.

I’m very proud to work with a Director who doesn’t play with her Blackberry.


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