I went again to a PSP party. I arrived at almost 5.30pm, this time there weren’t so many women like before. When the weather gets warm, the Canadians have an interesting behaviour. Go out, but no to socialize but meet nature and sniffing pollen.

I just hi to the organizer, the chubby Sarah. My back has facing the brick wall, nervous, lost, with nothing to say and terrible shy. In front of me a tall woman sat was drinking and turned her head to look at me and say “do you want to order something”? The woman in fact was a transgender, male to female (MTF). She was dressed normally and very good looking. We talked a lot, well, it was a kind of interview. She said she was 51….Jesus, she didn’t look like of somebody of that edge. With 30 years working for the government she wanted to work 3 years more before touch the retirement. She has 2 children, going to the university, so, she needs more money to feed them and send them to the school. His son is gay, she was happy and said to him “I didn’t noticed it”. It happens even in the best families.

The most funny moment was when she asked me what was my type of woman…I just said femenine and normal. I said what I was looking in a girl; beauty, intelligence, a good cooker, nice, gentle…all the qualities nobody has it all together. Every time I said a quality she answered: “like me”. Ummm, she was kidding but I must admit I was scared. Just a bit. She was with a friend of her, a chubby lady in her 50’s. I don’t know why but I can swear she was under medication.

The tranny is very active in the community. She volunteers in Pink Triangle, she gives conferences about LGBT people to the Police and other institutions. Well, when almost 8pm was closer she wanted to go home, not without giving me her e-mail. I was happy to meet somebody …extraordinary.


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