Back to the Roots, Back to a Library

It’s funny, when my contract at Correctional ended I was a bit concerned about my future. I was shocked and disgusted the way they treated me. It took me almost 3 weeks to find this job, and believe me, I didn’t look it, I just sent an email to all the agencies saying I was available. I had 4 interviews, plus 1 one for a permanent job. I had test for Elections Canada and I wanted to have a break but as you can see, I was busy.

Finally, one agency called me about this job, I said to send my résumé and I had to wait those 3 week when I had the interview for this position. She asked me about my background in finances, I answered all her questions, with a fluent English, I must say I improved it since I moved here and after 20 minutes of chatting she said ” do you have any question?” And I asked the same question I say every time I have an interview “how many people did you interview?” She said it was 2 weeks since she was doing the interviews and she was interested in somebody else but that person wasn’t available anymore. After that, that, she said if there wasn’t any other question that she hires me.

The place, esthetically speaking is beautiful. I work in a library. It’s ironic, my first job in Canada was in a library. Today was my first day, my boss, the director, introduced me to everybody in the office. Of course I don’t remember any name and I got troubles to find the washroom. At least I know my telephone number.

There was a guy, a gay, who studied at the librarian school with a college I worked at the National Library of Quebec. And guess what. Guess who made my contract…my neighbour Sidi. Yes, he lives just besides me. I remember once he told me he worked in a library but I never thought that library. I saw his name in the mailroom and I thought “nahhhhh” and when we were greeting and meeting people I saw his picture…Jesus. I just could talk to him at lunch time. He was surprised and happy, he said “I made your contract, I swear, I didn’t make the link”.

Life just funny, and this planet is smaller than an I-Pod shuffle.

What’s next? I’ll have some training soon, I don’t know, why those things are happening? Something big is coming.



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