Bitchy Summary

It’s exactly 2 weeks since I finished my contract at Correctional Service, I’m glad that nightmare is over. After that, I had a very important interview with International Trade Tribunal, I was very nervous but I did it great, one week later somebody called me asking me about my second language results, which I got. So, I guess I must wait. Yesterday I had another test for Elections Canada, I think I did it well, but they’ll send an email at the end of the month with the “chosen”. I spoke to the person in charge and she said there will be 30 positions, but I know at least in my room there were 40 candidates, and there were 4 sessions, so, I assume there’re more than 150 persons applying for those jobs. She said also they will have a “pool” and if there is an election this Summer, all will be hired.

I’ve been very tired last week, I started to take vitamines and I’m training 5 days for 35 minutes on my bike. I wish I could have a road ride bike to go outside and perform more, in the meantime I got my mountain bike. This week I need to find a job. Not because of money, well, yes, but I need to get busy because I’m getting crazy being at home. Sometimes the phone doesn’t stop ringing because I got propositions, but till now nothing clear or concrete.

I miss my father a lot. I need a woman in my life too, which I found very complicated in all senses. Days ago I was looking for escorts in Ottawa. Do you want to know the price? There are women who can have sex with men, couples and women. So, for a lesbian, 30 minutes cost 240$…half an hour, so, calculate just 1 hour. I was tempted but the price and my chiropractor tariff put me down. I guess I have to wait till I found a job and I can make some activities.

Oscar’s night tonight, a Peruvian film is candidate for best foreigner movie. It’s quite an event in Peru, something historical, I wonder if my ex-bitch thinks of me in this very moment. I started to hate it…Why bitches are so lucky? Because there’re¬†idiots like me that can make it happen. I realized that there’re 3 important bitches in my life: my mother, my ex and my cat…al females. People able to love me, manipulate me, hate me and count on me. I wish I could be a bitch too but I’m more a dog with a dog life.

I hope to have good news soon of a job and a girl.


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