Last Day Again

Yes, my contract in the “House of the Flying Knives” finished…I’m so glad that chapter of my life was closed. I worked 2 years for the government as a contractor, I mean, through agencies which they take a percentage of my salary, sometimes can be 3 dollars sometimes 4 or more. It’s sad how the market works, it sucks but I have to pay my bills, all my salary went to pay the apartment. I didn’t like working in that place, people ignored me or simply treated me a real “support”, kind of  “mini slave”. I was surprised how a group, well compact never let me in, because I wasn’t a their level, and they made me feel inferior. There were some exceptions, like the 2 assistants.

One of my biggest problems was a girl who looked just like my ex, it was a heavy burden. When I met her I found her the only happy person in the office, days later I had an erotic dream with her…then I realized she was like my ex-bitch, wanted more and more, attention and help because she wasn’t able to do her Excel job. I remember her leaving early to have a beer…I wanted to kill her that day. I should pay attention to girls who smile all the time.

There was the handicapped and evil girl besides my office, and the boy I was replacing there…all the hypocrites…the only positive thing I got from there was my training in finance and some nice girls I met in account department. One was trainer and the other too, the second looked gay but till now I don’t know.

It’s been a week since I finished the job and the telephone didn’t stop to ring for some job offers…most of them pay almost nothing for doing 40 different things. I’m so tired because what happened in that office that I’m not even able to talk openly.

Looking for a job again…to sick of that.


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