The Crackerman

After my accident on my bike, after the almost fall from the stairs my neck suffered too much. My masotherapist suggested me to see a chiropractic.

There is a clinic just near my place. After two nights without sleeping I decided to go. I was waiting in the hall with one woman.  I was and I’m still nervous. I wanted to be fast the test but he took his time observing my reflexes in different positions and took 5 X-rays of my neck and back. The decoration of the place was normal it’s just the photographs that scared me. When there’re luxation and you see the vertebrae twisted or even fusioned. In my mind my neck was in the worst phase. He made me move my legs and neck in different directions as I was looking for Mecca. With a kind a caoutchouc hammer he hit my column and with a kind of bell he felt the resonance in my back. He moved my legs against my chest asking me if I felt any pain: my answer was no.

One of his observation was I had hyperlaxity, that means my tendons are flexible which is relatively good but he told me if I have a car accident it will a problem for me, people like us has luxation and healing take more time. At this point of his speech I was almost white of panic. The worst was coming, he took my blood pression and I had a lower one, he made me climb to the escale…I got now 58 kg!!! I’m 3 kilos more than usual, he measured me…the result 1.58, I was 1.61 years ago…so I was feeling fat and short. I don’t want to try more clothes for now.

After all that he took me to the X-ray room, he made me sign a paper giving him authorisation and confirming I wasn’t pregnant..yuck!!!! I was in front of an old machine, just like in Peru have in the public hospitals. We were there like 20 minutes even more. After, we talked about tomorrow when we’ll see the results of the X-rays.

When I arrived home my friend and masotherapist asked me if I was ok. I explained my experience.

I’m feeling tired and quite sad. Friday is my last day at the office…I won’t miss that place but again start looking for something is getting to my nerves. I got an interview the 25th, this Saturday I got an exam and I just missing my dad a lot. My credit card is rising because the chiropractic, I need Windows 7 and new glasses.

Feel poor is nothing like feeling sick and alone. Today at the office we celebrate the Chinese New Year, there was free food, music alive and you ask a Chinese guy to write some words. I chose “happiness”, now I keeping on my fridge. Tomorrow there’s a Public Service Pride, I didn’t want to go and I won’t because I got my appointment with my chiropractic.

I hope to have good news.


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