Unlucky Pot Luck

Among many activities inside the lesbian community I decided to go to one I’ve never imagined would be so old. Or I should say in an activity I feel so young. Saturday, I went to Ottawa to the Jack Purcell Community Center. It’s funny but community centers in Montreal are different but they smell and people are the same. In Montreal buildings are square and red, most of them are located in old churches. This one in Ottawa was big and I had the impression I was entering to a 60’s sanatorium or healthcare center. I was following my instincts and I opened not matter what door was in front of me. I saw many black people together. They looked Haitians. I had no idea there were several rooms to be  rented. I knew lesbians play badminton every Saturday.

I went to the bathroom and when I was leaving I saw a lesbian old couple holding a Tupperware. When I say older they had white hair. They took the elevator and then I realised the activity, pot luck were on the second floor. This activity was organised by LOG, lesbian outdoors. My surprise was coming after opening the last door. Around 40 0r 50 grandmother lookalike were chatting and I was feeling like I was in the wrong place. The reason I came here was because there was another lesbian activity in Vieux Hull, Francophone dinner night in a restaurant and I didn’t want to go there because I didn’t want to speak French and spend my money in food. What a surprise I had. Yes, I had an inverted blast.

My staff advisor is lesbian and talked to me about this group and I decided to go and check the market inside. I can say there was only one woman who looked under 55 who looked interesting but I realised her name was Caroline…what a turn off. And she looked as she was taking medication. I don’t know why but people who participated or are members of community centers are always low-income, do pot luck and cheap activities which is ok why I don’t understand is why there are always old and poor people all together in those centers.

There was a transsexual who used to go to the Unitarian Church and she was the big manager of the organisation. They invited a lesbian account who gave us tips about taxes and benefits and non benefits of declare things or services to the government. It was very interesting and the food was very good as good lesbian there was toffu..yuck.

After thanking everybody I left and I went to see the ice carving competition…which I adored…not luck in this pot luck


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