The Manager and The Clerk

Another party of gay public servants was held with success last Thursday. I went alone at 5.30, I was a bit nervous but most tired and sick to go to a “party”. In fact, I didn’t want to go. I was at my office almost sleeping, trying to relax and saying to myself…”you must go, you must go, you’ll meet somebody interesting”. Last time I went I met a nice dyke lesbian from Quebec, we made click and we chatted all night long and she drove home…very nice, after a couple of weeks later, she was helping me with some driving lessons, she has a car…and thanks to her I got my driving license.

This time, I was lost. When I arrived, two tables were already taken and I didn’t want to sit and chat to people I never saw in my life. Well, there was the pro pool woman there. I went to the bar section and the organiser introduce to me a couple of people. This woman works at Human Resources Department…yes, where my ex bitch works. I asked if there was  big LGTB community there and she answered positively…but they were just busy with the work. She introduce me to Peggy, a manager from Canada Statistics. We started to talk, she was drinking a glass of red wine…she looked so professional and hot. She just turned 49…but at the beginning she looked serious, as a good manager married to a Blackberry. After we were making jokes about my job, the project I’m working on and the slowly movement for hiring new people. She was suggesting other jobs possibilities. Some other girls came, people she knew it from another place  and they were talking about a dance party the week before. They seemed to have had fun. One was talking to the manager about her new LCD TV. The manager bought one too and they were comparing the installation and the inches. The other bought a 50″, I didn’t hear it but I’m sure the manager bought a “small” one of 4″. She invited me to a dance party in February just before Valentine’s Day. I said yes, and she promised me to introduce me some nice girls.

it was funny because when the night was going on, some other women arrived and she made fun of me saying “I just met her and she wanted to pick me up”. I was a bit surprised but flattered after she said to me “I could be your mom”. She asked my age and I asked hers. I realized her birthday was this week. She was saying to everybody Happy New Year and I was repeating to her “It’s almost February”. I told me she was sick since the first week or January and she felt time just stopped it.

She left early because she wanted to read the manual to set the TV up. I just said to her “take it out of the box and put it on a table” and she replied “now you sound like a Futureshop guy”. It surprised her French level. She was in a French immersion program. We spoke a bit in French and she told me she went to Cornwall to meet a latino woman her new date.

Also I saw two of the army girls I met in the Pool Lesbian Night, I talked to them and they loved the food. I overheard one of them had a brother who died in action. I don’t know where but she said the government unclassified documents after 20 years. 18 years have passed and she is eager to read the papers.

The manager left saying bye and adding at the end “you’re nice”.

Should I go to the dance party?


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